Hearts ease landscape & garden design

Hearts ease landscape & garden design

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Pansies have been a popular garden flower for many centuries, most notably for the Victorians who not only filled their gardens with these happy and colorful plants but also pressed them, embroidered them, and even ate them. It was also the Victorians who set about breeding these easy-to-grow perennials, which are a similar shape to their near relative the viola but have bigger petals and a central eye. Pansies have spreading green foliage and five rounded, layered velvety petals, which come in a wide range of colors and bi-colors from violet and mauve through to rich pinks, oranges and yellows, and even black and white. In the Swedish botanist Wittrock published a comprehensive Contribution to the History of the Pansies, having special reference to their Origin, in which he described more than varieties. Dickinson expect her pansy to succumb? Like violas, pansies are edible and make a colorful addition to salads.

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Mediterranean landscape garden design Languedoc & Provence

Well known for its rugged coastline and traditional English countryside, the West Country offers a diverse array of breathtaking landscapes. A varied landscape where mountains tower above lush river valleys and glassy lakes, interrupted only by charming towns, villages and many historic castles. The stunning coastline offers miles of flawless beaches and hidden coves, and Cardiff offers a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of cultural discoveries. Scotland is a land of real diversity. Revel in the vibrancy of Edinburgh and Glasgow or enjoy solidarity on the peaceful islands of Skye or Lewis. Walk beside gentle lochs or rushing rivers, climb towering mountains and discover hidden beaches and ancient battle grounds.

Landscaping for Bushfire is a valuable resource for home gardeners, landscape architects and nursery staff as well as CFA. Fire Safety Officers, Vegetation.

How to Grow Bleeding Hearts

Commission a landscape design that celebrates your lifestyle and values. You want simplicity, not headaches. One call to The Landmark Group is the first step to a landscape project where no detail is overlooked. Your design will be executed with the highest level of precision and craftsmanship that endures. Ensure a long-term return on your investment — let our certified professionals handle the ongoing care and maintenance of your property. An extensive suite of services will sustain your landscape so it reaches its full value and potential. Their people and process deliver beautiful creativity and impeccable execution - they do it right The whole design-construction experience was painless, delivered on time and on budget. The ease and pleasure of no risk, no overages and no broken promises was worth paying more for. We would use them again in a heartbeat!

Think Outside.

Until recently, most yards consisted of a green lawn, a few trees and shrubs, and were intended to be viewed, not used. Now the yard is regarded as an extension of the home and a place to spend leisurely time. Outdoor garden rooms have become a popular way of improving yards for practicality and aesthetic beauty. USDA Zone 7a , the yard consisted mainly of green lawn and a few trees.

Behind a towering shroud of foot ficus trees, two things anchor a sunken Mediterranean- style garden to its urban habitat: the sunshine and a high-wattage view of Chateau Marmont. The challenge was doing this in a way that felt both authentic and endemic—and utterly transportive.

Heart's Ease Landscape & Garden Design

Heartsease Primary Academy had heavily researched early years outdoor provision, and identified what they believed would work best for their space. They wanted the design to offer a variety of open ended play experiences, with the landscape being of key importance rather than just equipment. The playgarden was split into 4 distinct areas, sand and water, storytelling, open grass free play space and nature and discovery. The sand and water area has a dry river bed, pebble path with a water pump at its source. Surrounding this is a sanded area, so that children can experiment with the rich learning opportunities that sand and water together present. Adjacent to this is a mud kitchen, allowing children to play with different proportions of soil and water, creating mud pies, potions and mixtures in the outdoor home area.

90 garden ideas – best outdoor looks for 2021 – big or small budget

We all know traditional gardens can add beauty and aesthetic value to property. Rain gardens not only add visual beauty to the landscape, but they also provide significant environmental value by reducing rainwater runoff, mitigating flooding and improving water quality. Unlike conventional gardens that typically sit even or slightly higher than the adjacent landscapes, rain gardens are situated lower than their surrounding areas and serve as a basin for capturing, holding and filtering rainwater after a rainfall event. A rain garden is a planted shallow depression in the landscape that collects and soaks up rainwater runoff from paved areas, roofs and the surrounding landscapes. A rain garden is purposefully situated at a relatively lower spot on a property so it can receive runoff after it rains. Its soil and plants are selected to absorb water. A typical rain garden has three main components: inflow, basin and overflow see Figure 1. The inflow is where the rainwater runoff enters the rain garden.

HOME & GARDEN Designed for Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet and more. The FINN B40 Trailer brings mulching ease to small landscaping operations.

Why the Best Gardens Have Something Extra

Viola tricolor Johnny Jump up is a tufted annual, biennial or short-lived, evergreen perennial boasting wonderful three-toned flowers, 1 in. The blossoms typically feature dark purple upper petals, pale purple or pale yellow middle petals and a dark yellow lower petal, with dark streaks. Blooming over a long season extending from spring to fall, they prefer cool weather, and often die back when hot weather arrives.

The PFAF Bookshop

What exactly is compost used for — and in what application? If you are confused about this — you are not alone! The biggest confusion is that compost is regarded as fertiliser. If you plan to insulate your soil with mulch before the seasons change, first learn which type of material best meets your needs.

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2021 trends in garden design with Bowles & Wyer

Our projects, both commercial and residential, include rooftops, terraces, backyards and sidewalk plantings. We use only the best available plants and hardscape materials for your garden. Our custom drip irrigation systems provide ease of maintenance to the busy New Yorker and our landscape lighting allows for nighttime enjoyment. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality workmanship, completing your project in a timely and professional manner. Have us transform your outdoor space and keep it looking great throughout the year.

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