Why indoor plants make you feel better

Why indoor plants make you feel better

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Battling the winter blues is more common than you think. The good news is, indoor plant care is a great way to beat the winter blues. Researchers say the presence of potted plants can help you feel better all winter long. Studies show indoor plant care has several benefits, including lowering your blood pressure, decreasing your anxiety levels and improving your overall well-being. The lack of fresh air may wear on you after a while.

  • 7 Ways Houseplants May Improve Your Health, According to Scientists
  • Houseplants for wellbeing
  • The Benefit of Indoor Plants
  • Health and well-being benefits of plants
  • Brighten Your Mood With Indoor Plants
  • How Houseplants Improve Health & Wellbeing
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7 Ways Houseplants May Improve Your Health, According to Scientists

Want to feel better physically and emotionally? Try adding some plants to your environment. Of course, we plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts already knew that. Greening indoor areas that we routinely inhabit provides a host of positive outcomes for both our internal well-being and ecosystem. The literature review revealed scientific research from NASA and other sources documenting the positive role plants play in creating a healthier indoor environment.

Having plants in our indoor spaces help us to breathe a little easier. They act as a natural air filter, removing carbon dioxide and other air contaminants. In fact, rooms with plants tend to have fewer pollutants than those without. Plants also work to manage the humidity in indoor settings, providing a comfortable level of moisture. They help us relax and reconnect us to nature by stimulating our minds and bodies.

Houseplants even provide a source of beneficial bacteria, increasing microbial diversity in indoor environments and thus benefiting human health while indoors. Houseplants are also a great way to brighten up an indoor space with a natural pop of color, especially during the winter.

But before you dash out to purchase a new plant, take some time to inventory the situation. Understand your indoor environment and familiarize yourself with the most common types of houseplants, their needs and growing requirements.

When you are ready to make your purchase, be sure to inspect the plant for any signs of insects or disease. Start your new venture off right and only purchase a healthy plant. Learn more about the selection, care and management of houseplants with these resources:. If you have questions about healthy food systems, farm to school, food production, small farms, women in agriculture or food gardening, contact her at or neikirk.

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Houseplants for wellbeing

Read on to find out why they can be so beneficial for your wellbeing, and read our suggestions for choosing one of your own. But creating an indoor jungle for yourself may not just make your Instagram look more aesthetic, it can also be hugely beneficial for your wellbeing! Multiple research studies have found that plants have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. Plants can help to make your workspace feel more homely, and they can also boost your productivity. Even more importantly, they are linked to decreased stress levels, improved mood and greater attention span.

Check out these houseplants that look good and will make you feel good. Household Plants. bobvilahome. k followers.

The Benefit of Indoor Plants

Filling your home with greenery can do a whole lot more for you than provide MonsteraMonday content. Several studies have shown that an indoor garden can boost your mental and physical well-being. Stressed out? Suffering from dry eyes and cracked or rough skin? Having a hard time focusing? Believe it or not, plants may be your saving grace. While they're a must-have item for any home decor , indoor plants can do a lot more for you than green up a room—they can boost your mental and physical health just by being nearby. Even if you're not an expert gardener, there are plenty of easy-to-care-for species that just about anyone can keep alive some of them even prefer to be neglected. Here are 7 ways that adding plants to indoor spaces can improve your well-being. It's been proven that increased oxygen levels in the air can help reduce feelings of anxiety, so if you want to feel a little more Zen, why not start an indoor garden?

Health and well-being benefits of plants

A recent collaborative study between RMIT and the University of Melbourne has found that indoor plants yield two big benefits: improved air quality and mental wellbeing. Simply put, there is strong scientific evidence that prove indoor plants have the power to enhance and improve health and wellbeing. The Plant Life Balance has put together a super simple guide to help you understand the science. This study reviewed over scientific articles using the best available scientific evidence to determine the relationships between plants and human health in the two key areas of air quality and mental wellbeing. All results were submitted to a peer-reviewed expert panel to ensure their validity before being published.

Remember Me. We are in the season of Indoor Planting.

Brighten Your Mood With Indoor Plants

If like us, you have been spending most of your time at home over the past year, you may be looking to change things around a bit, or you may be searching for inspiration around your house to help you feel different and revitalized. Have you ever thought of sprucing up your interior space with an unconventional element or adding pops of color? The easiest way you can refresh your space is by introducing or replacing indoor plants! Yes, plants can be quite unconventional! Having indoor plants in your home would give you the feeling of having an indoor garden and a green space, within the limits of your own home.

How Houseplants Improve Health & Wellbeing

If you have ever nurtured a plant in your backyard or a kitchen garden, then the feeling of seeing it blossom into a beautiful bloom is beyond words. You have to experience it to know how it feels. Being close to nature is one of the most effective mood enhancers, and while it is difficult to stay connected with nature in our urban lives, having a small indoor garden can do the trick. Their presence is believed to bring more cheer, enhance the happiness quotient and bring positivity to the environment. No wonder then that people often send flower bouquets or potted plants to cheer their loved ones. So, if you find yourself feeling a little low, tend to your living room plants and see how it uplifts your mood.

If there isn't much foliage around your crib, don't panic: Related studies also show you'll feel happier and healthier if you have live plants in your indoor.

It so happens that plants with their fantastic green foliage make people happy. Simply take a walk around a park and notice how plant nature soothes and relaxes our human nature. Indoor plants do the same thing.

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By: Lily Hannigan. Publisher: Bloombox Club. All houseplants improve health and wellbeing, but different characteristics draw out different benefits. Psychologist and Bloombox Club founder, has drawn on a range of research to map out the seven ways plants benefit us, and what to look for when picking houseplants.

There are many benefits of indoor plants, whether it be for your home, school or workplace.

Houseplants can be a great addition to your home, and really brighten up your room provided you remember to water them. However, did you know that houseplants do far more than add colour to your bedroom? They also have a variety of health benefits. If you have concerns regarding your health and find issues such as fatigue, stress, headaches, allergies or breathlessness are impacting your life, you should consult your GP. A houseplant is not a substitute for medical treatment; however, they can be useful for relieving symptoms. It seems many people have been seeking the benefits of houseplants throughout the pandemic , as search volume for houseplants has increased since the beginning of lockdown. It isn't surprising that the nation is in search of houseplants, as indoor plants are not only proven to boost your mood, but also to reduce stress and anxiety.

Consumer helplineIt will come as no surprise that plenty of fresh air and regular exercise is a great way to boost not only your physical wellbeing, but also your mental wellbeing — and gardening is a fantastic way to do this! That means you can stay warm indoors and still reap the physical and mental benefits — win! With all the benefits that houseplants can bring to your physical and mental health, you really have got nothing to lose with getting some houseplants in your home and office:.