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Landscape and Garden Design

Mediterranean landscape design features several distinct elements that are typically found in most designs. You can expect to see gorgeous plaster walls that span the outside of a house or nearby walls. Additionally, you can also expect to see a tiled roof. There typically will also be stonework around the house, mimicking the handcrafted masonry in many of the buildings in Italy. As you would find stonework in a Mediterranean landscape design, you would also see tuscan columns around the home.

Lastly, rustic wood features are commonly sprinkled throughout this landscape style in the form of pergolas. Certain materials distinguish the Mediterranean landscape design. Just like you would find in the Mediterranean region, there is often terra cotta materials used.

There often times are also gravel and decomposed granite used as ground cover. Lastly, you can expect to find tile and travertine lacing the ground and walls of a Mediterranean style landscape. Our Process. Back to Services Mediterranean Landscape Design. English Garden.

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Mediterranean Landscape Design: Vernacular Contemporary (Hardcover)

Mediterranean landscape design can create a memorable atmosphere reminiscent of sweltering summer days in Spain or romantic nights in Rome. Mediterranean landscape design is about harnessing the vision of casual elegance that flows effortlessly from Naples to Barcelona. Its charm is refined and its mood is relaxed. It places the strength of Roman columns beside the gentleness of tiered fountains. Plants provide a touch of color and texture that soften and connect the hardscaping to the landscape.

Mediterranean Landscape Design - Paperback 1 She is the author of many books on gardens and landscape, including The French Country Garden and.

Ideas for designing a Mediterranean garden

Walk through the family room, pass through the comfortably furnished lanai, and the garden rises before you. From the patio, the framed view is of meandering flagstone paths laced with thyme, romantic dwarf olive trees, purple wall germander and hardy fan palms. As the sun dances on the plants, the garden feels like an extension of the Spanish Revival home. Although Lippman and her husband, writer-director Rodman Flender, have lived in the home for more than 20 years, they rarely used the backyard in its previous configuration. Your turn: Do you have a garden makeover we need to see? Boone latimes. Sanders started by removing the lawn and replacing it with silvery-blue and purple drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants in a variety of heights, widths and textures. Because privacy was a priority, Sanders broke up the garden with trees — Japanese maple, grass palm, and dwarf magnolia among them. And in the center, a fast-growing, sun-loving California pepper tree separates the main house from the guest house where Flender works. It also allows easy access to the pool area below.

Mediterranean Landscape Design

Steel would create clean edging along beds on the upper level in keeping with a modern feel and would turn a nice rust colour with a bit of time. A crushed stone path through the lower level would further separate garden beds from the walkway. The front yard benefits from a southern exposure but the sides and back are more woodland than Mediterranean so this was the only likely location for this kind of garden on our property. I could imagine it would also work on a western exposure.

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What are the Basics of Mediterranean Garden Design?

Rustic pine or teak wood benches are commonly used as are wrought iron details. Water features are also typical of this design style. Courtyards with fountains creating a restful sense of entry are common. Outdoor living spaces with this theme abound with ideal year round climates. Planting selections for our area are often drought tolerant adapting to winter rains and hot, dry summers.

Letz Design

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The Mediterranean landscaping design style is characterised by bright colours and earthy hues. The style is very summery, laidback.

How to get the Mediterranean look

View all Mediterranean landscaping pictures. If you find yourself constantly daydreaming of a Mediterranean vacation then this landscape style is for you. With the right plants, materials and accessories you can bring the beauty of the Mediterranean to your own backyard.

Mediterranean Gardens

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In the East, South and West it borders with the neighbouring properties, meanwhile the Nord side of the garden is open to the surrounding landscape. The pre-existing plan anticipated two separate buildings and the garden with views over the sea. The area would be mainly subordinated to the service areas, a service road and a parking lot. After visiting the site and discovering that the views from the ground floor over the sea do not exist, the architect and the landscape architect proposed the different concept for the indoor and the outdoor spaces: the parking lot was moved next to the access road on the lower level of the area, hidden from the views from the garden and shadowed with a pergola. The two weekend houses, which had previously already been built, were now surrounded by the entrance garden which connects the main entries to houses, the intimate garden with the wooden terraces and the vegetable and herb garden. To keep intimacy in the garden the views have been screened towards the neighboring houses.

The Mediterranean design style is widely known as the style of luxury.

Amber Freda

The Mediterranean garden design is not just beautiful, it is often a very practical low maintenance garden solution for landscaping Melbourne gardens. Historically Melbourne winters are cool but short in duration. The summers are hot and we have experienced more of the hotter drier weather over the past few years. Clear skies and moderate to high winds are often experienced in Melbourne especially in the beachside suburbs of Brighton and Elwood. The recent hot dry summers are typical of the Mediterranean climate and are more often experienced in cities like Adelaide and Perth. What this means for landscaping Melbourne gardens is that we can learn the lessons from gardens developed for hot dry summers over the millennia.

When garden designer Amber Freda was called in to help New York University redesign an outdoor space connected with teaching Italian, what could have been more appropriate than a Mediterranean-style room? Because of the difference in climates, she took some artistic license with planting and hardscape materials, yet still conjured up that romantic destination. We wanted the look and feeling of a Mediterranean garden, with comfortable, inviting places for people to eat, read and enjoy the outdoor space.

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