Tall indoor plant that does not need direct sunlight

Tall indoor plant that does not need direct sunlight

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Here are what we consider to be the best low light indoor plants. Not only will these 10 favorite houseplants do well, but they are also low maintenance. You might live in a studio apartment with only a couple of windows or in a house with a few darker rooms. Here are 10 easy-care indoor plants for lower light conditions. Not true. Plants need sunlight to photosynthesize and produce chlorophyll—this is what makes them green.

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Plants that Grow Without Sunlight | 21 Best Plants to Grow Indoors

All houseplants need some sunshine, but these low-light indoor plants require far less than most. Maybe your living room doesn't get the natural light you'd like or your office needs something green but the closest thing to the sun is a flickering fluorescent light. That doesn't mean that you can't have a plethora of pretty houseplants! In fact, there are plenty of on-trend and beautiful houseplants that don't need sunlight OK, all plants need at least a little sun, but these can survive with less than most.

To figure out the top low-light indoor plants for these tricky spaces in our homes, we spoke to plant pro Phoebe Poole of Weatherlow Florals. Here are her picks for the best low-light plants for a room that's short on sunshine. Incredibly tolerant of neglect, snake plants do well tucked into that awkward corner that's far from a window. Their cool, modern pointed leaves with variegated colors look beautiful in a small pot or a large planter.

You've probably seen the green or green-and-white variegated leaves of this low-light hanging plant in many office settings. You'll also want to pull dead bits and leaves out of the pot. Going overboard trying to care for a pothos can actually kill it—seriously. If they get too much real sunlight, it can do them in. I think one of the reasons they do so well in office settings is that people forget to water them! To check, stick a finger into the soil to tell if it's dry, or lift the pot to see how heavy it is; a plant that needs water will feel pretty light.

If your pothos is in need of a trim, you can create new little plants by placing the clippings in a cup of water on a windowsill until new roots start. Beautiful but complicated to care for, ferns can always be a little persnickety. These plants really want to be humid, not wet," says Poole. Instead, place small stones in the saucer underneath the pot. Place water directly in the saucer so that it's hitting just the bottom of the pot.

It creates its own humidity dome around the plant. Popular for outdoor gardens and the sides of buildings, ivy is also a great low-light indoor plant. There are tons of varieties of ivy; some are pure green, while others have white-and-green variegation.

Their cascading waves of leaves are very tolerant of neglect and you only need to water them when they've dried out completely. You never want them to be soggy. This is another plant that's easy to take cuttings from to grow new plants. Take the clippings and put them in a glass of water until roots form," says Poole. Might we introduce you to the future replacement for your fiddle leaf fig plant?

Lower maintenance than the previously mentioned greenery, a bird of paradise has a tropical look but doesn't need a ton of care. You want the soil to be damp, but never soggy, so make sure there's proper drainage in place. Water it when the soil on top looks dry. This low-light indoor plant will take five or more years to bloom, but in the meantime, its oversized leaves will add a tropical vibe to your space.

By Caylin Harris Updated April 09,Save FB Tweet More. Low-Light Plant, Spider Plant. Credit: Lucian Alexe on Unsplash. Bird of Paradise low light plant. All rights reserved.

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23 Beautiful House Plants That Don't Need Direct Sunlight

Joyful Derivatives » Decor Tips. I love that they add the style and comfort of greenery to a home and so conveniently remove the struggle to keep them alive. The living room only has one window which is actually the sliding glass door to the back yard , the kitchen has one small window above the sink, and the dining room has just one large window to the front of the house. In our entire main living space we only have a tiny bit of light coming in through a few windows.

Even if there are no natural light sources available, many plants will survive Large plants tend to need more water than small plants.

The Best Tall Indoor Plants for Low Light

Before we get started, let's address an uncomfortable truth: there is no such thing as an indoor plant. The combination of dry, still air, irregular watering and limited light isn't something any plants are naturally suited to. Simply put, they all prefer to live outdoors. But some tough plants are more tolerant of these unnatural conditions and make a great choice for beginners, those who are forgetful, or to boost the confidence of "black thumbs". While Jason is an expert with literally hundreds of plants in his home, he grows a lot of these "easy" plants himself, which he calls "icebreakers". Despite being tried-and-tested old favourites, these beauties can still strut their stuff on Instagram and look fabulous. Get our newsletter for the best of ABC Everyday each week. Zamioculcas zamiifolia , otherwise known as the ZZ plant or Zanzibar Gem, has pairs of dark glossy leaves along its stiff, upright stems that are great for showing off your most stylish container.

12 easy indoor plants for beginners

Rest assured you can still liven up your space with some of these large low light houseplants. While most plants have better growth the more light they receive, the 18 plants covered in this article will grow to a substantial size even when they have minimal light exposure. These houseplants vary in their size, shape, and colors, providing lots of options for integrating large low light houseplants into your home. Perfect for the homeowner who may forget to water their plants periodically, the ZZ plant handles both low light exposure and sporadic watering. Plants grow on average to just over two feet in height with thick, glossy green foliage.

The universal truth is plants need sunlight to grow.

20 Low Light Indoor Plants In India

Bright rooms and sunny windows seem perfect for indoor plants but not all houseplants can tolerate direct sun. If you have a large sunny window in your home or apartment then you can be assured that these plants will thrive there. This post contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for more info. Jade plants , also called money plants, are succulents with thick rounded leaves.

The 10 Best Houseplants for Big, Bright Windows

During the design stage, we may recommend a mix or choose mass planting to create that special effect depending on several factors:. If the plant you had in mind is not listed it may not be the best indoor plant for Brisbane — but please ask us anyway. The botanical name for the Zanzibar Gem is Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It is a beautiful plant from Zanzibar or Kenya, with waxy full gloss leaves and does not need much looking after. A good low light plant. For more information check out the Zanzibar Gem in the Wikipedia. During the design stage, we may recommend a mix or choose mass planting to create that special effect depending on several factors: An office has many micro-environments: Some areas get full sun and some are in shade or rooms without natural light low light plants , Some are near air-conditioning and some near external doors A balcony in the shade or in full sun. Some offices will take large wide plants and some spaces tall narrow plants.

Also known as goosefoot, the arrowhead plant is closely related to the widely known philodendron. This vining houseplant needs protection from direct sunlight.

Top 12 Low-Light Succulents and Cacti

Australian House and Garden. Don't have the best luck when it comes to keeping indoor plants alive? We've hunted down some of the most indestructible, low-maintenance indoor plants that you'd actually have to try to kill. These little gems will stay alive and thrive no matter how much neglect you throw at them, they will also do you a favour by purifying the air in your home while bringing your interiors to life.

10 of the best low light indoor plants

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Here are ten great indoor plants that can live life on the dry side. By Doug Jimerson. Sago Palm Any plant that has been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth is tough enough to miss an occasional watering. In fact, Sago Palm drinks very little and will suffer if you give it too much water.

Regardless of if you are into gardening or not, bringing plants into the home has a way of freshening up your space.

12 Houseplants That Can Tolerate Direct Sunlight

Speckle your home with greenery and bring yourself close to nature with our pick of indoor plants that can grow without sunlight. This plant earns its unique name because of the sharp edges of its leaves. Not just that, it can purify the air at home. Standing stiff and tall, it can also store water in its foliage. So be careful not to over water the plant as the roots can rot. Avoid this plant if you have pets at home as ingestion can upset their stomachs. Also, wear gloves when moving the plant to prevent minor skin irritation.

10+ Houseplants That Need (Almost) Zero Sunlight

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