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  • Excavation Underway for The Alloy Block at 100 Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn
  • The Best Landscape Contractors in the US
  • New York City's Landscape Legacy
  • Company Profile
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Excavation Underway for The Alloy Block at 100 Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn

Black Lives Matter. Matthew Urbanski Partner. Matthew is a partner at MVVA, where he has worked for over 25 years. He has planned and designed landscapes in the United States, Canada, and France, including waterfronts, parks, college campuses, sculpture gardens, and private gardens. He frequently uses plantings in dramatic ways that create a distinctive complement to an urban or architectural context.

Michael and Matthew have coined the term "hypernature" to describe this aspect of their work. Examples of hypernature include the use of birches and meadow plantings in the General Mills Corporate Headquarters entry landscape now destroyed and the diversely planted hedgerows at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Matthew is also interested in the concept of landscape imagination, or design that illuminates the unique capacity of the landscape medium and embraces the idea that enjoyment and delight are essential programmatic elements in built landscapes.

Matthew is an Associate Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design, teaching courses on horticulture, plants, and ecology, as well as studio courses. In frequent lectures at universities, cultural institutions, and other public forums, he talks about the expanding role of landscape architecture in urban design and the emerging recognition of parks as the engines of the livable city.

Through his lectures and his publications, he encourages landscape architects to seek inspiration in the tools that are unique to their profession and to develop the programs, spaces, and experiences that are appropriate to the capacity of each site.

In addition to his work as a designer, Matthew is co-owner of Red Hill Nursery, a plant nursery in New Jersey that specializes in diverse species, varieties, and forms that are not commonly available in large commercial nurseries.

He is a licensed landscape architect in Massachusetts.


According to the U. Green Building Council, buildings consume 70 percent of the total U. Landscape architects plan and site buildings for energy efficiency, using green infrastructure and natural systems to maximize emissions reductions, while helping communities adapt to a changing climate and improve resilience. Green roofs and green walls keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing energy needed for heating and cooling.

A New York garden design and landscape design-build practice creating residential gardens, roof gardens, brownstone gardens in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The Best Landscape Contractors in the US

The winning entries of the ASLA Student Awards offer solutions for extreme sites and surreal conditions, completely appropriate to the times in which they were crafted. Here is a selection of six award-winning student projects that greet such days with humanity, nuance, and rigor. Read Full Post ». A shift is palpable in the way students now seem ready to fully embody their roles as future leaders. There was great assurance in this group of award winners and a courageous willingness to tackle complex and difficult problems. The ambition of student projects leapt forward on multiple levels, with many submissions seeming to overrun the confines of traditional award categories. Projects ranged with authority across borders both political and cultural and did not shy from confronting the politics of place head-on. And then there was the sea itself, a changing condition that appeared in many submissions, particularly in the Analysis and Planning category. Having taken shape over nearly three decades, the vast waterfront park, by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, came almost fully into being this year, a dogged vision for turning an old world into another one. And look at the results.

New York City's Landscape Legacy

Gardens, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, ponds, and swimming pools, and just the right flower in just the right place blooming when you need an escape from the pressures of everyday life: we need the outdoors, and the outdoors are an essential part of our homes, whether we live in a crowded urban setting or a rural cabin in the mountains. Some of us are too busy to maintain domestic green spaces, while others simply have a hard time figuring out how to keep houseplants alive. And all of us can benefit from the input of professional landscaping professionals. If you want someone to mow your lawn and clear the snow from your driveway, we have a firm on this list for you. But these firms are capable of delivering so much more: they can reshape your life by reshaping your garden.

Elizabeth helped my boyfriend and I transform a backyard full of noxious weeds into a gorgeously functional Brooklyn oasis. She single-handedly took two vague yet incompatible visions and drew up a concrete plan in a matter of days which we were both happy with.


The Staff of Curti's Landscaping, Inc. Employee turnover is one of the lowest of the industry in our service area. Many of our foremen and crewmembers have been with us for over ten years. Our team's diverse expertise enables us to design and implement a wide variety of projects and to take them from Concept to Completion. Everything we have accomplished has been under the direction of Wm.

Company Profile

Enter your business name and slogan. We carry pressure treated lumber, hardscapes, sit prep materials, composite decking, interior and exterior windows and doors, and custom-cut engineered wood and steel I-joists. We are also known to some as King Contracting or King Engineering. Move the mason's line up, throw a mortar line, and begin laying the bricks. Sphinx Mountain Custom Builders, LLC prides itself on offering the highest quality Montana home craftsmanship and lasting client relationships.

This modern garden in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn was conceived in Landscape Design: Julie Farris, XS Space Greenwich Village Townhouse Garden, NYC.

420 Kent Avenue

Tier II landscape design starts with a site analysis of your unique outdoor setting, taking into account your wants, needs, and budget for the site. From there, our landscape architects create a visionary project proposal tailored to your goals. The proposal delineates your project scope and scale and includes a site and planting diagram.


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We design, deliver, install and maintain gardens throughout Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, working on both residential and larger-scale commercial projects. New Yorkers with outdoor living spaces are thrilled with our landscape design and installation services. We also receive tremendous praise for our garden maintenance service, stonework, wooden decking, and irrigation installations. Let our talented designers, experienced salespeople, and highly skilled gardeners help you create your own green paradise, indoors or out.

By using the best horticultural practices and an artist's sensibility we are able create unique gardens for each client. It's a harsh urban environment and we understand the importance of carefully siting plants so that they strive in their place, allowing you to simply enjoy the view.

Woodworking classes duluth mn

We frequently collaborate with landscape architecture firms nationwide on native meadows, woodland restorations, and natural areas management. We have been in business for over 30 years and have developed reliable techniques that maximize success on projects where traditional design practices often fall short. Our presence on your design team can increase your chances of securing projects where natural areas are a significant component, and once a project begins, we can help you achieve a range of aesthetic, ecological, and financial objectives. We are also skilled in the implementation of natural areas designs and know well what it takes to bring projects to success—from inception to maturity. Previous and Ongoing Collaborators. Carmel Ave.

Black Lives Matter. Matthew Urbanski Partner. Matthew is a partner at MVVA, where he has worked for over 25 years. He has planned and designed landscapes in the United States, Canada, and France, including waterfronts, parks, college campuses, sculpture gardens, and private gardens.

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