Croton petra plant indoor care

Croton petra plant indoor care

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Click to see full answer. Similarly, you may ask, how do you care for a croton petra plant? How to Care for Croton Place croton in a sunny location such as an eastern, southern, or western window. Keep the soil evenly moist, but let it dry out between waterings. If humidity is low in your home, mist around the leaves with water once a week or keep a tray of wet gravel near the plant. Also Know, why are the leaves on my Croton falling off?

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Croton Plant Care: Tips on How to Grow and Care for Croton Plants

Jump to navigation Content. The best-known is the multicoloured Croton, but there are also varieties with just yellow and green markings. You have the choice of small or large leaves, and there is also one with narrow wavy leaves. The official name is Codiaeum variegatum, but the name Croton is so well-established that we use that for consumers. Origin Croton grows in South-east Asia and the Indonesian archipelago.

The plant is used as a hedge in many countries. In those regions Croton can grow very tall and spread outwards as a woody shrub. As a houseplant you usually encounter medium to XL specimens.

Codiaeum is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family, which also includes other familiar houseplants such as Poinsettia and Crown of Thorns. Croton range There are many forms from large to small, including cultivars with various leaf shapes and leaf markings. They are all part of the species C. Some large-leaved cultivars are: Excellent, Petra, Norma, Mrs.

Iceton, Nervia, Tamara and Wilma. Sales and display tips Croton fits with the urban interiors trend that rejects the perfectable world and embraces a hint of street culture with its bright colours. Display it in a nice recycled tin can, in a rubber pot made out of car tyres or in a container that is as colourful as the plant itself. It can be industrial and bold to make Croton a contemporary showstopper. Images of Croton You can download and use the images below free of charge if you credit Thejoyofplants.

Instagram: thejoyofplants Facebook: thejoyofplants Twitter: thejoyofplants. Croton poster A1. Croton poster A3.

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Gold Dust Croton - How To Care For Your Plant Friend

Croton 'Petra' is a beautiful variegated plant from the Croton family. Its stunning leaves are oval-shaped with pointed tips and the colours range from deep oranges, dark maroons, bright greens and yellows. Overall plant height including growing pot: cm. As well as most plants, Croton Petra the plant will help purify the air around your home by filtering common toxins.

Crotons & Codiaeum · Need the answer to a specific plant query? · Useful Things to Remember; · Sudden lower leaf-loss · Watering-related abuse will also annoy.

Croton - Petra - 6-inch Pot

It prefers hot, humid weather and grows only in U. Department of Agriculture zones 9b throughIn other climates, croton can be grown in containers and kept indoors during cold weather. This distinctive, variegated plant needs special care to stay healthy in all climate zones. Warning: The croton can cause stomach upset or skin irritation. Do not plant this species where pets or children can access it. Crotons are sensitive to salt spray and soil salinity and must be planted away from saline areas. Tip: Re-pot indoor crotons every two years to encourage healthy growth. Container-grown plants may require more fertilizer than landscape crotons.

Croton Petra Plant

Need the answer to a specific plant query? Book a 1-to-1 video call with Joe Bagley, the website's friendly author, to overcome and address your niggling problem! Acing the amount of light a Croton receives is crucial for a long-lasting specimen. During the spring and summer, be sure to provide a brightly lit spot away from any direct light. Excessive exposure during this time will negatively affect the plant in the likes of sun-scorch and dehydration.

Note: Plant may slide differ as shown in the image. Crotons are houseplants that normally have variegated leaves with shades of yellow, red, and green.

How to Revive A Dying Croton Plant

How to grow and care for the Croton Petra plant? How to Grow a Croton Petra Plant. Collect the cuttings. As mentioned above, breeding is the best way to grow young Croton Petra plants. The first step is to find a lot 2. Step 2.

Your Complete Guide on How to Grow and Care for Croton Plants

If you are searching for bold-looking house plants, croton petra is the answer. It is hard to miss, with its bright yellow, orange, and black markings on the leaves. Such foliage brings more positive energy into the room, so you might want to consider having one. Colorful pots make them look even more interesting. Croton petra has a Latin name called Codiaeum spp. It is a timeless shrub, originated from southern Asia and the western Pacific islands. The leaves are bright green with white, bronze, purple, or pink foliage. You can beautify your rooms with the existence of some croton petra plant indoors.

indoors during cold weather. This distinctive, variegated plant needs special care to stay healthy Croton petra plants are susceptible to the bacterial.

Codiaeum Variegatum

Crotons are prized for their leaf coloration which includes different shades of red, yellow, and green. The leaves of these plants attract profuse looks when put in the center as a focal point against a neutral background. Different Croton varieties are not so easy to grow since they require high humidity and constant warmth without temperature fluctuations, but you can still cultivate them indoors. Provide bright light, let the plants dry out before applying water, fertilize four times annually.

How to Care For and Grow Your Croton Petra (AKA Golden Petra)

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Croton Codiaeum variegatum are beautiful house plants , grown for their bold and striking foliage. In summer, small white or yellow star-shaped flowers may appear. Crotons have a reputation for being a little fussy. Crotons are members of the Euphorbiaceae family.

Last Chance! Speckled with golden spots, Crotons add a tropical touch to your home.

How To Grow Croton Plants Indoors Or Outdoors

The abundance of warm shades in the leaf makes Croton a real feature in your interior which makes things even more cheerful. Croton can be recognised from a distance by its fabulous leaves. The plant comes in sizes from windowsill companion to indoor bush, and is a very easy houseplant which is also suitable for those who lack green fingers. Croton is a member of the Crotoneae family Euphorbiaceae , also known as the Spurge family. It grows across a wide band from India via Indonesia to South-East Asia, where is can be found as a bush which can be several metres tall. The wide variety of colours and shapes is thanks to the ease with which the various species cross-pollinate. The original version probably came from the Moluccas.

Few plants have the foliage color and shape variety of the croton. The different cultivars sometimes appear to be completely different plants! So how do you take care of this wide-ranging family of pretty-leaved houseplants?