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Horticulture internship netherlands

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Looking for an opportunity to work with us? Check out the vacancies on this page! We are Cultivators, a horticulture consultancy company. Our approach is based on commitment to results realized by bringing know-how, people, and network to the horticultural industry. We work with growers, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders in our mission of ensuring safe and sound ingredients.

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Internship at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Toronto

The primary focus of real-time captioning is general communication access and as such this document is not suitable, acceptable, nor is it intended for use in any type of legal proceeding. Thank you all for joining us today. We—to our career conversation. Thank you so much for joining us today. During that period, I had no idea what I wanted to study.

I knew I did not want it to be—I did not want to be a philosopher, an actor, a doctor, the scientist or mechanic. None of those, but I had no idea where life was going to take me. So I finished my associate degree in liberal arts, just general biology, general math, general everything, and I started looking around. So destiny took me there, and once that happened, then I discovered horticulture that was also being offered at Long Beach City College. Once I found horticulture, I knew where I wanted to be.

Immediately I said, "I'm going to go to Cal Poly Pomona" 'cause that's where I had—they have the bachelor's and the master's degree. And so from there, it just took off. And then a year later, I did an internship for one of the largest nurseries, Monrovia Nursery that was located in Azusa. That also became my senior project for school. And from there, then I got picked up as a full-time employee.

And then opportunity opened at Long Beach City College for a full-time professor, teaching horticulture. And I applied, and I got the job; so I've been teaching full-time since now. And at your present Long Beach College, are there internships or apprenticeships for those studying with you or high schoolers?

So we work with different groups. We work for—with different organizations that offer scholarships and internships to students, potential students who are entering the field. So the Arboretum still offers internships.

There's a California Landscape Association that also offers internships, other botanic gardens that offer internships. Thank you. And I know your days are very different. What kind of is the typical week? So as a professor of horticulture, I teach Monday through Friday mornings. My classes begin at in the morning.

So it is a morning job unless if you happen to find a job with Disneyland, then your typical work schedule in the garden or the maintenance would be from in the morning toSo I think I can share with you something very important. I think when I started, when I was seeking a career, again, I had no idea. And this photograph was given to me by the college when I became a tenure. So they asked us to share with them a book that would be—that had a good influence on your life.

And so for me, it was finding this group of plants. So finding this group of plants. Once I found them that opened my way into plant exploration. And so we are always looking for new plants, exploring plants. There I am in my first trip to Brazil holding a wild vanilla plant.

So that is something that I had no idea was even possible, to become a plant explorer; as they would say, an Indiana Jones of plants. Every year I try to go somewhere into Central and South America, preferably looking for some of those flowers. And so something new to science, something that you just go out there, you find it. You are the publisher, the author of some of those new plants. And it has taken me to many parts of the world.

That makes sense. Any questions from the audience so far? If you walk on over. Like are there DNA tests that have to be run and things like that? So every single plant, every single animal, every single organism in the world has its experts. And so I work with the experts of this plant group. This specific species was discovered in cooperation with several scientists from Kansas and Missouri.

They got a National Science Foundation grant to do the genetic analysis on this group of passionflowers. And so in this case, there was that publication first and then the publication these species, so yes, the genetic was done to place it into the specific group, or where it fell.

And then that is also now part of the record. So yes, genetic analyses are now required as well as the drawings and the recording. So when we got the plant, my job as a horticulturist who is an expert in cultivation, was to get it to flower.

And so it flowered very early for me, so I was very lucky. So once it flowered, then I was able to take measurements, record that information, the data. And then I was able to create an indecipherable specimen which is a piece of dry plant, and that becomes—became the type specimen, which means the very first recording of that plant.

So that very first plant that ever gets collected gets recorded, that becomes the type specimen which means that this is the official one. And then when somebody finds a different plant, if it might look similar, they always go back to that specimen to compare them and see if it might be different, might be the same and, or just to verify that it might be something new.

I could never get into technology. I was always an outdoor person. I was always an outdoor field person, plant person. So we do—I know how to use computers. Different programs like Canvass that we use as a learning management system for the college because that is now my job.

I am not a molecular scientist. I always say that I like working with plants. Any questions so far? Any other questions? Did you want to continue with the slides or, I have more questions. So we did some work on the plants and how the plants at the park was recovering. And so now I have become an expert in Griffith Park, so I am the botanist indecipherable plant person for Griffith Park.

I do field trips. I do hikes with the Friends of Griffith Park, and I go around lecturing about the recovery and the plants and California Native Wildflowers of Griffith Park inaudible photography that we have there. And here I am standing in front of one of the tallest Montezuma Cypress.

To record, I have a photograph of myself with the oldest trees in the world. The most massive, Giant Sequoias, and the tallest which are the California Redwoods.

So I have my photograph with those magnificent specimens. I also go around teaching and lecturing about the tree safety and caring for trees. There I am with my students, so I also teach, share with people my knowledge.

I work with people from different parts of the world, so these are folks that have a similar interest; in this case, looking for those passionflowers. And there I am. And I would never guess that I would be working with people from different parts of the world. But I am. I try to find them in and among the different vegetation. And I love rain, so anytime I can get wet, I enjoy getting wet. There I am in just my horticulture area with the different plants and indecipherable I grow.

And just being recorded by a newscaster a while back. Just some of the lab area. So I have the best job. This is where I report to work every single day.

So now we grow vegetables with the students. We grow fruits. We take care of plants. Sometimes we have to cut them down. No problem. Sometimes we have to rake. Sometimes we have to plant. And we do outreach, so just go to different conventions, different trade shows and share with people and try to recruit them for horticulture. So just a few of the things I brought here to share with you.

Internship Research assignments WUR/HAS

Would you like to contribute towards a more sustainable horticultural sector by means of technological developments? Would you for instance like to be an advisor at a manufacturer of biological pesticides or an international sales person at a flower bulb breeder? We do not only train you as an international advisor or salesperson, but we also offer you the opportunity to work on your entrepreneurial skills. During your study programme, you will learn more about various production systems and carry out various assignments in the field of high-tech plant production systems.

en Omgeving (PPO)—Lisse; The Netherlands HORT Horticulture Internship HORT Italian Horticulture and History Study Abroad.

2021 Horticulture Internship Opportunities

SNV is a not-for-profit international development organization. Our global team of local and international advisors works with local partners to equip communities, businesses, and organizations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty, and guide their own development. Currently implementing 25 horticulture projects worldwide, SNV actively engages with the private sector, being convinced of the crucial role private sector has in furthering horticulture value chains for both domestic and international markets. Reducing food losses and increasing value chain efficiencies, improving food safety, inclusion of entrepreneurial small holders, climate smart agriculture and other themes play an important role in all our horticulture projects. The Intern is responsible for providing administrative support to the team and will bring fresh ideas to the table when it comes to engaging our audiences through a variety of channels. Application documents should be submitted not later than Monday August 28, at hrs Kigali time. Internship opportunity — SNV. Application documents should be submitted not later than Monday August 28, at hrs Kigali time Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Go to Top.

Explore our vacancies in Africa

Would you like to gain experience during your training through an internship where you can apply or continue developing your acquired theoretical knowledge in practical international high-tech greenhouse horticulture? We can offer you that opportunity! Who are we? Grodan part of the ROCKWOOL Group is the worldwide market leader in supplying innovative stone wool substrate solutions for professional high-tech greenhouse horticulture. Facts and figures based upon growing trails are highly important.

Horticulture is a rewarding career path that offers something for everyone. The Green Industry involves lifelong learning, competitive salary offers, expanding job opportunities and varied career pathways.

Agriculture Internships

Skip to job results. Skip to refine results. Opportunity for a talented gardener wishing to develop their skills and knowledge in a mature historic woodland garden. View details Gardener. We have an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated and dedicated individual to join our Grounds team as an Assistant Head Grounds Person.

Internships and vacancies

As commissioned by the cooperative, Royal FloraHolland organises the international marketplace for flowers and plants for growers and buyers with a wide range of services that enable them to expand their business. Their success is our success; we work hard on that every day. Together with each other and our partners in the horticultural sector, we supply the world with fresh flowers and plants day after day. Flowers and plants bring people health and happiness. We are proud to be contributing to this result with our global marketplace. Flowering the world together. In today's modern world, this work requires major achievements from professionals who fulfil our promise, putting the emphasis on our growers and buyers, wanting to be better every day and go down new paths and create opportunities to do so. That is the challenge of working at Royal FloraHolland.

There are many opportunities for Horticulture students to study abroad through that summer is a popular time for horticulture internships and fieldwork.

Who We Are (About the Arboretum)

Establishment Established in by an Act of Congress. The Arboretum is administered by the U. Internship positions are in horticulture, research, and education, and public garden administration and are supported by base funds, non-profit organizations, and privately donated funds.

Major Advising Page – Horticulture

Would you like to do your graduation or internship with us? Let us know what you want and what you can do! We like to learn from the knowledge and insights of students. Conversely, we give students the opportunity to gain more practical knowledge and work experience within their field of expertise and interest. At Florensis, we have many different disciplines in house.

Murcia is a city with a population of around , in the city itself and around , in the metropolitan area.

We offer structured training in amenity and botanical horticulture, which is underpinned by knowledge from college study. The apprenticeship provides participants with employment to gain practical experience and an understanding of the horticultural operations at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The Kew apprenticeship is an entry level position designed for individuals desiring a professional career at senior craft level in botanical or amenity horticulture. Applicants should enjoy physical activities and be prepared for early starts and working outdoors through the seasons. Apprentices are employed on a salary, and college fees and staff exchanges are supported financially by the School of Horticulture. Apprentices have access to our libraries, computer and information systems.

Because my curiosity about the subject of water technology had already been stimulated before, I decided to participate. An internship at the CEW was quickly found last summer. I am now in the third year of the course and in that year we have to do a half year internship at a company in the Netherlands and half a year abroad. My assignment is about the desalination of waste water from greenhouse growers.

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