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At Sheridan Nurseries, we offer project management services to bring together trained landscape design and construction professionals who can assist you in increasing the curb appeal of your home, creating a unique garden or planning and installing a complete outdoor living space. Our team will coordinate the process of matching you with a Sheridan approved independent designer to plan out your project. Once your designs are complete we will pair an appropriate independent installation service provider to execute your approved plan. We will also work with the designer and installer to coordinate your plant and product order through one of our garden centres. You can be sure that we stand by the professionals that we recommend to take away the stress of finding reliable contractors for your landscape project. We also offer several do-it-yourself options including templated designs and virtual design services.

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Landscape & garden design

We provide exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for 10 years. Our experienced landscapers set the standard each day in landscape design, paving, hardscaping. We will whip your yard into shape in no time.

Hardscape materials include those used to build the no-changing structure of the landscape. They include natural and manufactured stone; wood; and others. Softscape materials are the living components of a landscape. They include grass; flowers; trees; shrubs and other plants that make up the outdoor home. With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and landscaping service. Landscape design is the art of arranging or modifying the features of a landscape for aesthetic or practical purposes.

A successful yard does not simply happen for a Landscape designer, or a Landscape architect, or a Landscape contractor. Design is the starting point, with the analysis and creative ability not only to organize the garden to accept what you want within the boundaries, but also to absorb and embrace what lies beyond. The problem so often is while we are comfortable planning rooms inside the home, more often than not we lose our way outside.

The style of the garden in your home is up to you. It may be a contemporary extension of the most modern architecture or a soft, sensual and sinuous place winding between narrow boundaries. Well planned landscaping, created by our department Landscape design, unites indoor and outdoor spaces, resolves yard and garden problems, and provides creative opportunities to relax and have fun. When it comes to landscaping and designing ideas Landscape Los Angeles , Our Company has proved our mettle time and again.

We have over Ten Years of experience in delivering exceptional services. Our projects are best in class with creative designs for both softscape and hardscape. What makes our company stand out is our creativity.

We understand what it takes to bring delight on our customers' faces and after all it is everyone dreams to create a landscape which is exquisite and soothing. We are a team of passionate people with immense knowledge and expertise in designing and landscaping space. Our clients not only appreciate our services but also love us for the value adds services.

We get good number of clients from 'word of mouth' as the clients we have worked for they refer their friends and family which is possible only because of our outstanding results and best customer experience.

We often don't realize how beautiful our landscape can be if we just paid little attention to it. Little do we know that it can be breathtakingly beautiful with the right combination of hardscape and softscape.

At Garden and Design, we are best at doing just that for you at reasonable prices. Let us take care of all your Landscaping Los Angeles needs. Our team would ensure you get strikingly beautiful landscapes that captures everyone attention. We simply love our work. Our company has been brilliant in shaping and designing landscapes for all our customers with perfection.

We know what to choose, what combination to include, what colour or texture to use to make it look alive. When it comes to using the right set of softscape and hardscape, we know which one would work and which one would not and hence we are appreciated and loved by all the customers. View this post on Instagram So simple and so elegant. What an inviting space to enjoy reading a good book View this post on Instagram This represents how much I like my profession, as a landscapedesigner in View this post on Instagram Beautiful garden located in England.

Patios, Decks, Pergolas, Outdoor kitchens. More about us Get in Touch. All Landscape Design Styles. Exceptional Services We Offer We provide exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for 10 years. Hardscape Hardscape materials include those used to build the no-changing structure of the landscape.

Softscape Softscape materials are the living components of a landscape. Communication For us, good communication plays a crucial role, so that the project runs smoothly. Professional and honest We treat our customers with professionalism and integrity. We take great care for honesty on both sides, as it becomes a pleasant experience for everyone. It can be FUN.

Start and finish project When we start a project, we finish, without interruptions. We do not temporarily abandon projects and return later to finish. Materials and labor expertise Since renovating an outdoor space is a big investment, we always advise to use quality materials. Each client is a new friend When we finish a project, we always like to make a friend and leave the door open.

Project Galleries With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and landscaping service. Drought Tolerant Landscaping Los Angeles. View Gallery. Hardscape and Softscape - Beverly Hills. Several landscape projects - from Palos Verdes to Beverly Hills.

About Our Company. Request An Estimate. Why Choose Us? Specialized Company We are a landscaping company specialize in residential and commercial landscaping.

Guaranteed Satisfaction We are a team of professionals who want to see our customers happy. Consultations We offer consultations for our services. Dependable Services We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget. Reputable Company Operating for 10 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work. Are you tired of not being able to use your yard as an outdoor living in Southern California?

Call us we can help you. See Our Services Get in Touch. Watch Our Videos. Why are we so good at it? Read Post. I like my profession — Landscape Designer View this post on Instagram This represents how much I like my profession, as a landscapedesigner in Paula did a wonderful job of facilitating everything I hoped for, as well as expanding on my ideas to make the yard look even better than what I had imagined.

She was able to fulfill my wishes while trying to stay within my budget. I loved that she was easily reachable whenever I had questions along the way. Now we are spending more time outdoors then indoors. Thank you, Garden Design! We are one fortunate client of Paula Castro. With Paula's creative talent and her attention to detail, she was able to fashion an exciting, attractive backyard setting for a large wedding. Paula has an engineer's eye for design. We are pleased to recommend Paula Castro and her crew to you as a planner and builder of exquisite gardens.

I had a wonderful experience working with Garden Design. They will definitely work with you to get your project within your budget. Along with that, I was pleased with the efficiency of the project progress and completion. My neighbors were impressed how quickly it was done as well. Huge thanks to Garden Design crew and specially Paula for amazing design for my front and back yards.

My friends are now asking me for your contacts after they seen the design. I'd love to recommend you to everyone I hired Garden Design to do the landscaping for my new home in both the front and backyard.

Thank you Garden Design for your professional support and to have the right team for the job. Paula was always keeping us informed along the all process. Without you the process would have been a major headache, still being worked on and not to the quality that we have had. Michael G. Malibu, CA. We could not be more thrilled with the process from beginning to end. Garden Design, represented by Paula, was always there to answer our questions and follow through.

All hardscape was done with all details — we love our outdoor living space — we love it. If you want your landscaping project done properly, hire Garden Design. Julie Walker Pasadena, CA. Garden Design is a great landscape design company to work with.

Landscaping & Garden Design Cork

Working with an experienced professional can make the difference in bringing dreams into reality. Every client's lawn is cared for with all-natural methods to improve the health and overall look of the lawn. We can complete the driveway and walkway at anytime of the day or night, traffic will no longer impede our progress. A successful landscape will enhance your enjoyment of your home, both aesthetically and functionally by adding to its beauty and by providing that outdoor living space for all of your family's enjoyment, from relaxing to any and all the fun activities. Our expert landscape design and construction team continue to work closely with our clients to create unique gardens that complement and harmonize with their natural environment. We guide our clients from concept to completion making their dreams and ideas reality.

Partridge Fine Landscapes is a luxury landscape designer and builder serving the Fountains & Waterfalls; Beautiful Gardens; Landscape Lighting; And more.

Find out how we can help you...

Presented by the National Association of Landscape Professionals in partnership with. Even if you can decorate a living area or bedeck a bedroom with the best of them, landscape design has a unique set of challenges that may leave you stumped. Not only does it require a totally different skill set from interior design, but it also changes and evolves over time — flowers wither, trees mature, shrubs grow and spread. And that's where a landscape pro can prove to be invaluable. Follow our tips for finding, hiring and working with landscapers to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Determine which type of landscape pro suits your needs. Before you get started, you'll need to determine the skill set that best matches the scope of work you have in mind. Landscape architects, who typically hold advanced degrees in their field, are trained to develop comprehensive structural and aesthetic plans that include hardscaping, water use, and drainage as well as plant selection and garden design. Plans may also include modifications to the exterior of the house as part of the overall exterior design.

Best Apps for Landscape Architects and Designers

Pre-registered members of the Society of Garden Designers. We provide professional garden design and construction services in Lancashire and across the North West. We have a wealth of experience providing bespoke hard and soft landscaping services. Over the years we have completed numerous garden transformation projects and are well-placed to provide you with a quality service. Award-winning garden designers Ian is an award-winning garden designer with over 26 years experience designing and building gardens.

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How Much Does a Residential Landscape Design Cost?

The philosophy at Austin Ganim Landscape Design is focused on creating timeless landscapes, offering a full range of design, installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties of all sizes and styles. Influenced by their backgrounds in horticulture, garden design, historic preservation and landscape architecture, as well as practical hands on experience in landscape design, installation and maintenance service, their designs create a seamless transition between the home and garden. Whether renovating an existing landscape or starting from scratch, the Austin Ganim Landscape Design team assists their clients through the entire process—helping to identify the type of services most appropriate for the project, taking into consideration personal aesthetic, lifestyle needs, sites characteristics, architectural elements and financial concerns. Our team can assist you to identify the types of services suitable to help our customers to achieve a landscape that reflects their personal aesthetic and lifestyle needs while taking into consideration the sites characteristics, architectural elements and financial concerns. Our design and maintenance programs take into consideration both short and long term planning. The intention is to create beautiful spaces that our clients will look forward to enjoying for years to come.

How do garden landscapers and designers work together?

When designing a residential landscape, the most important step is to put a plan on paper. Developing a master plan will save you time and money and is more likely to result in a successful design. A master plan is developed through the 'design process': a step-by-step method that considers the environmental conditions, your desires, and the elements and principles of design. The goal is to organize the natural and man-made features in your yard into an aesthetic, functional, and environmentally sustainable landscape. The five steps of the design process include: 1 conducting a site inventory and analysis, 2 determining your needs, 3 creating functional diagrams, 4 developing conceptual design plans, and 5 drawing a final design plan.

At Charlotte Rowe Garden Design, we offer a full-service garden design consultancy, including landscape design, construction management, planting and garden.

Landezine Newsletter

Landscaping and gardening both involve creating and maintaining functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces, but there are some differences between the two efforts. In tiny back yards or parks, golf courses and building complexes, both activities can be hobbies or professions. Despite similarities between landscaping and gardening, differences exist between them, but the line separating the two is often blurry and subjective. Landscaping and gardening both involve design, planning and maintenance, but gardening usually involves only the plants in a space.

Landscape Contractors & Designers in Toronto, Ontario

Are you peering into your Southern California yard imagining renovating and transforming your property? Dozens of questions may be swirling in your mind but one predominant, initial question will emerge when beginning the exciting journey of the landscape design process. If your landscape design project incorporates multiple elements, paying a qualified landscape designer will be a worthwhile investment. Projects with patios, pergolas, swimming pools, and strategically selected plants requires time to meticulously plan.

We achieve this by working in close collaboration with our customers to deliver high quality, value for money gardening and landscaping services.

Patios, Decks, Pergolas, Outdoor kitchens

We handpick each and every plant to ensure your landscape remains low-maintenance and looking great throughout the year. Learn More. As natural landscaping experts, we come across many mistakes made in the garden. We have compiled a list of 6 common gardening mistakes and pitfalls. For over 40 years, we have provided clients on the Main Line well-designed, high-quality gardens, which increase in value and beauty over time.

Apps have become an integral part of design and architecture. Now rather than reaching for a ruler, architects can quickly calculate dimensions by pulling out their smartphone. Accurate site analysis helps determine what hazards or challenges the landscape might present and what you can accomplish in your design. It can help you identify strengths and weaknesses of the existing space and plan how to optimize them through your design.

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