Largw fruit trees

Largw fruit trees

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Largw fruit trees (Myrtaceae).


**_L. ludoviciana_ L.**, **_L. ovalifolia_ Sims**, **_L. sessiliflora_ Cham., ** _L. viscosa_ Aiton, and the introduced species _L. amplexicaulis_ Mill., all contain toxic glycosides and alkaloids. _L. ludoviciana_ , found in Kentucky and Tennessee, contains the alkaloids leonurine and viscosine and is used by some people as a cathartic. _L. amplexicaulis_ , used in the Appalachian region, contains a small amount of viscosine and leonurine. _L. ludoviciana_ has a long history of use as a substitute for ipecac. **Leonurine** is the principle alkaloid, it is toxic but easily separated from the other constituents of the plant. Poisoning can be prevented by the administration of **senna** or by washing out the mouth with warm water. The recommended dose of **viscosine** in children is one-fourth the adult dose. **Viscosine** alone in high doses can cause convulsions. **Leonurine** is not effective against anthrax but may have value in the treatment of the acute stages of the disease (see also Ailments, Intestinal). **Viscosine** has the same properties as leonurine. **Leonurine** and **viscosine** are used in medicine as cardiotonic and antiasthmatic agents. **Leonurine** is considered to be slightly toxic.

**Leonurine** , **viscosine**

_LD50_ in mice by IV route: 4, 16, and 8 mg/kg for _Leonurus heterophyllus_ , _Leonurus cardiaca_ , and _Leonurus sibiricus_ , respectively, 1, 4, and 6 mg/kg for _Leonurus japonicus_ , _Leonurus nepetaefolius_ , and _Leonurus quinqangularis_ , respectively. _LD50_ by IV route in dogs: 4.5, 8, and 9 mg/kg, respectively.

**Leonurus heterophyllus, leonurus heterophyllus (syn. leonurus heterophyllus Lam., leonurus heterophyllus (Benth.) D.Y.Hong &, H.C.Chang ex W.W.Sm., leonurus heterophyllus (Benth.) W.W.Sm.)**

**_Leonurus heterophyllus_**

**_Leonurus heterophyllus_ Lam. var. _macrocalyx_ Benth.**

**_Leonurus heterophyllus_ var. _heterophyllus_ Lam.**

**_Leonurus heterophyllus_ var. _macrocalyx_ Benth.**


(also as **leodol** )

Beta-adrenergic blocking agent. **(Leo 1)**

Leo- **ammonium**

( **Ammonal** )

**Leo** - **ammonium sulphate**

Apo- **amithriptyline**


(for oral use)


An immunomodulator. **(Leo-aspartate)**


(Apo- **atenolol** )


A beta-adrenergic blocking agent used for hypertension. **(Clinical)**


A parasympathomimetic drug used for gastroesophageal reflux. **(Leo-atropine)**


Anticonvulsant. **(Leo-avicaine)**


A gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) analog with anti-epileptic, muscle-relaxant, and spastic-tonic properties. It inhibits motor neurons and muscle spindles. **(Leo-baclofen)**


( **Nervine** )


Cardiotonic. **(Leo-calcium)**

**Leo-calcium pantothenate**

Calcium and vitamin B-5 compound. **(Pantothenate)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cefadroxil)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Leo-ceftriaxone)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Leo-cefuroxime)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Leo-cefuroxime)**

**Leo-cefuroxime axetil**

An extended-release cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Leo-cefuroxime axetil)**


An analgesic. **(Nonnarcotic analgesic)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cefalexin)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cefapirin)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cephradine)**

**Leo-cephradine injection**

A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cephradine)**

**Leo-cephradine injection, 500 mg**

A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cephradine)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cefuroxime)**

**Leo-cephrofor suspension**

A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cefuroxime)**


A centrally acting analgesic. **(Cetirizine)**


A cephalosporin antibiotic. **(Cephazolin)**


A first-generation antihistamine. **(Cetirizine)**

**Leo-cetirizine suspension, 5 mg/5 mL**

A first-generation antihistamine. **(Cetirizine)**


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