Low maintenance front lawn landscaping

Low maintenance front lawn landscaping

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If you want a nice-looking front yard, but low maintenance is important to you, then here are a few landscaping ideas. Unless you want a cactus garden surrounded by a cement slab, you will probably have at least some landscaping maintenance to do, but there are ways to limit the amount of work required. It is possible to have a beautiful landscape and enjoy it too without giving up every weekend to yard maintenance. The fact is, if you have trees, you will have falling leaves, seeds, needles or cones.

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How to Plan a Low Maintenance Garden

You can have a gorgeous landscape with little effort, and we can help. Give these 12 low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Portland a try to achieve the yard of your dreams the easy way. Unlike annuals, perennials come back on their own after their dormant season. Once you plant a rose bush, such as the knockout rose pictured above, roses will adorn your landscape for years to come.

Which roses are best for your yard? The Portland Rose Society has compiled a list of rose species recommended for gardens in this area. There are many low-maintenance perennials that thrive in Portland besides roses, too, including catmint, hellebore, and yarrow. Evergreens are another low-maintenance option for your garden and plant beds. There are many different shapes and sizes of evergreen shrubs , trees, ground covers, and vines.

Some more exotic and interesting evergreens, including the bamboo leaf oak pictured above, are hardy enough for Portland. They also can survive Portland winters without frost protection measures in most cases. Adding mulch to your garden and flower beds can make them more low-maintenance.

Mulch smothers weeds before they have a chance to grow, so it will eliminate weeding from your landscape to-do list. Inorganic mulches like rubber or stones take less work because one layer can last for years. Mulch alone might not be enough to prevent weeds completely in some gardens. Nature will water this garden for you. In addition to being good for you and your landscape, rain gardens are good for the environment, too. When designing your rain garden , you will want to look for plants that can tolerate both drought and flooding.

Your garden should be able to withstand dry spells and sit in standing water for up to 48 hours after rainfall. Xeriscaping is another water-wise alternative to a traditional garden, but this one works much differently than a rain garden. Xeriscapes feature drought-tolerant plants and hardscapes, so they can go a long time without water. That means it will save you money on your water bill compared to a standard landscape.

Instead of putting your plants in a landscape bed in the ground, consider creating a container garden featuring potted plants that will be much easier to care for. That can be a major bonus for people with limited mobility. Container gardens also will require less work when winter or random cold snaps in spring and fall rolls around. In a rock garden, the main focus is stones, boulders, and gravel.

What is a hardscape? Hardscapes such as patios , fire pits , retaining walls , and pathways only require occasional washing, and they take up space where there would otherwise be grass to mow and plants to water. When you install hardscapes with pavers or flagstone , lay a solid foundation first. While it will be more work in the present, this foundation will save you time and energy in the future because it will keep the stones from sliding and shifting over the years.

Replacing your grass with a ground cover plant will give you a lush, beautiful lawn without all the maintenance. There will be no more lawn mowing, aerating, or other draining lawn chores for you. If you want a more traditional lawn, there are many plain green ground covers. On the other hand, you could shoot for a show-stopping lawn with a colorful, flowering variety.

While a ground cover lawn would still require some plant care, artificial grass is a completely maintenance-free option. An automatic irrigation system can help your landscape through dry spells without you having to get out in the yard with a watering can every day.

The convenience of an automatic irrigation system comes at a price. Fall is the best time to plant, but really you can plant at any time of year. The only thing you will want to avoid is planting when the ground is frozen.

Local pros will know the best plants for your area, and they will have the construction experience required for large projects like installing patios and building retaining walls. Even beyond design and installation, landscaping professionals can make your life easier.

Many contractors offer regular maintenance services such as bush trimming, lawn treatments, and leaf removal. Along with our low-maintenance landscaping suggestions, these pros can help you have a beautiful Portland yard without the hassle of taking care of it yourself.

Skip to content. Photo Credit: Needpix. A public rain garden in Portland. Photo Credit: Pxfuel. Photo Credit: Pixabay. Jordan Ardoin Jordan Ardoin is a writer and indoor plant enthusiast hailing from Florida.

In her spare time, she enjoys chasing her two cats around the house and trying to keep her houseplants alive. Posts by Jordan Ardoin.

Southview Design

Creating year-round curb appeal is a top request from Yardzen clients. Get started on your low-maintenance yard today with Yardzen! Maintaining a lawn requires fertilizer, regular mowing, gasoline to power lawnmowers , and water, often lots of it. This all adds up to considerable effort and expense, especially in drier climates. A crisply mown path framing street-facing planting signals a well-designed landscape to the neighborhood. What can we replace lawns with? Options abound.

Get Rid of the Lawn · Fall in Love with Mulch · Choose your Plants Wisely · Limit the Types of Plants · Avoid Work-Intensive Features · Let Your.

Create a Beautiful Drought Resistant Front Yard

Lawns are very maintenance-intensive. Not only do they require regular watering and cutting, they may also require aerating, fertilizing, re-seeding, weeding and more. That is, if you want a quality lawn. However, you can skip all of that if you choose a different type of ground cover for some or all of your lawn. If you choose a drought-tolerant ground cover it will not need to be watered or trimmed, significantly reducing the work you need to do. Which ground cover is best for you will depend on the light conditions your lawn faces. However, some options you can consider include:. Hardscaping is the architectural features in your landscaping, made of wood, stone or interlocking.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips

Determine how much time you spend maintaining your yard at different times of the year. Consider mowing, planting, pruning, weeding, watering, raking, snow shoveling and other seasonal chores. What do you want to change? How do you plan to use your yard — for barbecuing, vegetable or flower gardening, kids' play activities or simply viewing from the windows? Various activities require different ground surfaces, structures, or plantings.

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Your Guide to Low-Maintenance Landscape Planning

Landscaping is an art that requires patience, experience, and even some creativity, but few ever truly master it. But with these low maintenance landscape ideas, you can elevate your outdoor space from overgrown and boring, to lush and inviting. Lawn maintenance, pruning, weeding, and every other task that comes with maintaining a yard may seem laborious, but there are loads of low maintenance ideas for your front yard, courtyard, and backyard. Your yard should be a place for relaxation and celebration. It should bring tranquility and be an asset to your home, its value, and the people you share it with.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Ideas

With a little advanced planning we can create a beautiful landscape that is functional, meets the needs of the entire family, and yet requires a minimum of time and money to maintain. Whether you are installing a new landscape or revamping an established one, by following a few simple suggestions you can end up with a wonderful low maintenance landscape that leaves you plenty of time for other activities. There is no such thing as a maintenance free landscape. While some wildscape designs can come pretty close, the fact that it is a designed landscape will necessitate some maintenance to maintain its form and beauty. Some folks have given up on landscaping altogether and are electing to spread rock across the property with a few cacti stuck in here and there. While it may seem like low maintenance, we get enough rainfall to do better than that and most cacti may end up drowning in a normal rainfall year. The more elaborate you make a landscape, the more features you add, the more maintenance you will likely have. Great designs are often quite simple.

However, there are some creative, low-cost, and low-maintenance ideas for landscaping the front yard that will completely change the face of.

In many cases, however, lawns go largely unused. There are other beautiful options for residential landscapes that require a similar amount of maintenance and provide additional benefits. Even though lawns have been a part of American culture for generations, we are now in an era in which dramatic declines in pollinators loss of natural habitat and climate change more extreme weather events make a compelling case to think differently about lawns and how to manage our land more sustainably. They require constant maintenance that comes with costs — pesticide exposures to humans and pets, pollution, and water waste, to name a few.

Less maintenance, especially in landscaping, is more time available to do other things, like enjoying those outdoor spaces. Your outdoor living spaces are an extension of your lifestyle. Just as the inside of your home requires maintenance, so does the outside. Interiors are a constant cycle of washing, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of all sorts. Even homes that use architectural block or veneers require minimal upkeep.

Posted on August 8, by Scott Vogt. Something interesting is happening to our front yards.

No landscaping makes for a ho-hum front yard. But how do you get the right balance of plant size, color, and style for your home? We've spent decades helping homeowners and business owners design their front yards, turning plain, empty or overdone spaces into beautiful and inviting front yards, large or small. Here's a peek into what we've seen and how to create a gorgeous front yard. Too many shrubs and perennials in the area can look cluttered and overgrown. You need to have a focal point in your front yard for the best visual interest. That could be a tree, an impressive hydrangea or another shrub.

A good low maintenance front garden will lift your heart every time you open your front door. Our front garden has been amazingly low maintenance. And I think it has also been beautiful. I can say that because I had no part in its design.