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Tina horticultural knives

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  • The 10 tools no gardener should be without – and which ones to buy
  • How to choose a knife for grafting trees. Grafting knives and grafting secateurs
  • Gardening Knives
  • Tina Left Hand Budding Knife
  • Quality Garden Tools relaunch Carol Klein recommended TINA horticultural knives
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  • Tina Messen Handmade in Germany since 1854
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The 10 tools no gardener should be without – and which ones to buy

A high-quality gardening knife is an essential for a wide range of outdoor tasks, from trimming stems and snipping fruit to sawing branches and lifting bark.

The 9cm high-carbon steel blade folds into a 10cm, FSC-certified oak handle with a rust-resistant, solid brass housing. High-quality materials, combined with the hook-shaped blade, should allow for clean, sharp cuts. For more demanding jobs, try this Darlac saw. It has teeth to help you slice through tough materials like tree branches, fibre board and even PVC pipes. And it should produce a clean enough cut to remove the need for sanding afterwards. You can lock the knife in both the open and closed positions, and use it with either your right or left hand.

If you have lots of trees in your garden, this knife could come in handy, allowing you to complete multiple jobs with just one tool. It comes with a classic curved budding blade 7cm x 2cm and a straight grafting knife featuring a bark lifter 7cm x 1. Lightweight but incredibly strong and durable, the Japanese hori hori tool is an essential for any avid gardener. With its straight blade, you can easily dig and uproot plants.

This general purpose knife from Felco has the classic Swiss stamp of quality on it and can be used for a wide variety of different tasks, indoors and out. It comes with a tough nylon handle and an 8. Plus, the plywood handle is easy to grip and the blade folds away for easy storage.

Buy Niwaki Moku folding knife from Trouva. This green pocket knife is perfect for light cutting and trimming jobs, and it would be a bright addition to any gardening tool kit. For classic design and great ergonomics, go for the Opinel No. It has a varnished beech handle and an 8. Use it for cutting stems, snipping twine and pruning.

The handy weeding tool has a sleek, dark handle made from FSC-certified hardwood and a strong, leather cord for easy hanging.

The slanted tip of the knife is ideal for scraping weeds out of the gaps between paving slabs, so you can return your patio to its former glory in no time. Alice is a digital writer with a knack for tracking down the most innovative and exciting products to hit the market. Working across several of Immediate's special interest brands, she's written for publications including Countryfile, Gardens Illustrated and Science Focus.

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How to choose a knife for grafting trees. Grafting knives and grafting secateurs

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Tina /10 Grafting Budding Pruning Knife Tool Made In Germany Free Shipping. Pre-Owned. C $ or Best Offer. +C $ shipping estimate.

Gardening Knives

These devices have already given a pay back within our contract propagation business — Ace Horticulture. They are of extremely high and durable quality and are the only grafting tools available that successfully replicate the knife cut, thereby eliminating damage to the cambium layers when grafting. The tools enable novices through to experienced propagators to cut and assemble a wide range of grafts over a wide variety of materials. These tools have been developed to cover many grafting and budding applications and are extremely versatile in the operating range and material that can be prepared. They have already been used to graft many fruiting and ornamental varieties and species. They operate in the 3mm to 25mm scion wood diameter range depending on the product supplied. In addition to the many plant species we have already advocated our tools use on, we are continually testing them on other plant materials and exploring more cutting options as different horticultural industry needs become known to us. We have also tested them on citrus, roses and maple with some success. They can be used to field or bench graft. Besides Scionon tools, we stock and offer other budding and grafting knives which many customers have preferred using in the past such as Tina knives, other economy type budding and grafting knives, and miscellaneous grafting tools.

Tina Left Hand Budding Knife

A wooden piece of gardening helper. A soft touch from our finest materials. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy.

Inoculating or copulating is one of the most important tasks of professional horticultural companies and is also very popular with amateur gardeners.

Quality Garden Tools relaunch Carol Klein recommended TINA horticultural knives

It has a polished walnut handle that has been individually carved and shaped. The Tina blade is hand forged. Tina knives, which are made in Germany, are famous as the highest quality, precision knives available in the horticultural industry and have a superior edge-holding quality. Your email address will not be published. The steel blade is heat treated and covered with hard chromium-plating for an extra tough, rust resistant, wipe-clean blade. The blade cuts as smoothly as if the wood was planed.

Uptigrove name origin

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Available in styles for differing chores, knives include grafting and pruning with even a left handed Horticultural Knife by Tina which is a.

Tina Messen Handmade in Germany since 1854

Consider our hobby knife set for an assortment of handles and blades, or a snap off blade knife to ensure there's always a sharp blade available. Alternatively, stock up on replacement blades, trimming blades and snap off blades in packs of 10, or a film …. These knives are left with a polished forged finish.

Post a Comment. Monday, December 10, Horticultural Knives for Christmas. The blade is of utmost importance and variations in design represent the practical and accumulated experience of hundreds of generations who have gone before us. The use of the same design for 2, years is surely not an accident making it a well tested product. A single blade has strength unto itself and will out perform any multi bladed knife tenfold. The more blades on a knife, the weaker it becomes making the popular Swiss Army knife unacceptable in the garden.

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The TINA knife factory is located in the heart of Wuerttemberg, between Stuttgart and the Swabian Alb, in a region world famous for its high-quality and high-precision products from the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. This quality-conscious and extremely precise thinking and action has influenced the production of our TINA garden knives for more than years and our global customers say: "Simply the best garden knives in the world! Exported since , first to Switzerland and the Balkans. Around , Central America was added as a major export market. Today Reutlingen is delivered to 32 countries in the world. Only ecologically harmless substances are used in the production of TINA knives. Environmentally friendly energy has been produced since as a by-product.

Due to the difference in products and the safe arrival of both Nursery products and shop products we have to ship Nursery products and Shop products separately. Shipping shouldn't vary in delivery time and date too much from Nursery and Shop products but please be aware that they won't arrive together. Plants are sent using a 24 hour courier service.

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