Seychelles agricultural and horticultural training centre

Seychelles agricultural and horticultural training centre

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Jump to navigation. Enhance the capacity of national phytosanitary systems in East Africa to effectively implement international phytosanitary standards to be able to compete in international markets, and protect agriculture and natural resources. A result story on the project is available here. Plant health system is not only a safeguard of human health but also a facilitator of international trade in horticulture products.

  • MAgrSc Agricultural Extension and Innovation
  • Seychelles
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Kuwait Fund provides $ 10 million for two educational projects in Seychelles
  • Training Programs Yield Increase in Horticultural Production in Afghanistan
  • Regional Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence
  • Seeds of Change: Seychelles’ agriculture needs an extreme makeover to face 21st Century challenges
  • Ensuring Food Security Is A Priority
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MAgrSc Agricultural Extension and Innovation

A group of former students were also presented with their certificates for completing several modules at the institute. This took place in the presence of the Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture Wallace Cosgrow, principal secretary for post-secondary education, planning, human resources and infrastructure, SIAH governing board members, parents, students and other distinguished guests.

Consequently along with the charter, the centre also received a new governing board which is made up of professionals from agricultural and horticultural related sectors. In his opening address Mr Belmont pointed out that the main challenge they face is to attract more secondary students to follow a course at the institute and to retain them once they have joined.

The SIAH is also exploring the possibility of offering other full-time programmes to the farmers and those who are interested, which will provide them the opportunity to follow a module of their choice at cost. The institute signed an agreement with the International Fund for Agriculture Development Ifad Competitive Local Innovations for Small Scale Agriculture Clissa projects team to facilitate a number of programmes for more than farmers this year.

Those who had completed the pesticide handling and application course and the post harvest management and value added services were presented with their certificate.

The staff and students of the school had mounted several exhibits and live demonstrations for those present to see. On sale were value added agro products made by those attending the Clissa training programme. Accompanying the article are some photos taken by our photographer Patrick Joubert during the open day yesterday.

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Our Vision. Our Mission. The Mission is to provide quality training to learners who have a passion for agriculture and its associated fields so as to produce competent and innovative graduates. It has a land area of more than 6 hectares. The Institute consists two main sections, administrative section and the farm section.

The second project is a new Agricultural Training Centre to replace the present Seychelles Agricultural and Horticultural Training Centre at.

Agriculture and Horticulture

These courses will be General Agriculture and Horticulture. Delivering his address, Mr Belmont said that besides introducing new courses and improving existing ones, the college is expanding its facilities on campus such as providing new and more secure lockers for the trainees and other new resources for training that will be available during the coming year. In the light of these improvements, he urged the trainees to make the most of their time at the institution and take in as much knowledge as possible so that by the end of their training they can in turn make positive contributions in the agricultural and horticultural sector in Seychelles. The director thanked the Ministry of Education, the owners of farms where the trainees go on attachments during their formation, parents and all their other partners for their continued support and contribution towards the institution. One of the trainees, Crisie Marie, thanked all those who have contributed towards their education and training and had words of encouragement for her fellow trainees. The parents also visited vegetable farms as well as the different types of livestock and plants that are reared and cultivated at the college.

Kuwait Fund provides $ 10 million for two educational projects in Seychelles

The global congress is a three-day event slated during September ,It is absolutely essential for our survival. Agriculture's Emerging Trends are a primary driver of the sector's expansion. Emerging agricultural trends imply new technology and strategies that get more sophisticated with time.

Its capital and largest city, Victoria , is 1, kilometres mi east of mainland Africa.

Training Programs Yield Increase in Horticultural Production in Afghanistan

Photo license. This was confirmed by a three member delegation from the international financial institution towards the end of a two week visit in the Indian Ocean archipelago. During their recent visit in Seychelles the Kuwait Fund delegation visited the actual sites for the two projects and discussed with the Seychelles Education Minister Macsuzy Mondon to see the needs of the educational establishments. During discussions with the Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure at State House the day before they departed from the archipelago they explained that the financial assistance Kuwait Fund is providing to Seychelles is a soft loan carrying an interest rate of 2 percent, repayable over 24 years, after a four-year grace period. The head of the three-member delegation, Tareq Y- Al Menayes , said the Kuwaiti Fund considers education and vocational training as priority areas and is very enthusiastic about the two projects.

Regional Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence

The group of budding farmers were presented with their certificates in General Agriculture last Friday, during a graduation ceremony attended by Vice-President, Joseph Belmont VP. A core percentage of the graduating group, 37 students in all, were graduating from the school after following one-year courses in general agriculture, while the others 19 spent two years studying at the agricultural training establishment. The VP additionally presented Miss Ally with a laptop for having realized the feat. In addition to that, Miss Ally was the winner of two other individual prizes. She was also adjudged to be the best overall best performer among Year 2 students from the graduating cohort, as well the best performer in courses relating to Information and Communication Technology ICT. Similarly, the overall best performer from Year 1, Cathrina Esparon, was the winner of two other individual accolades during the graduation ceremony.

Educational qualifications and training required for Adult Agricultural and Horticultural Training Centre (SAHTC); and, Seychelles.

Seeds of Change: Seychelles’ agriculture needs an extreme makeover to face 21st Century challenges

Farmers work on higher yield farms due to training on better agricultural practices. A gentle breeze is treating the passengers to a blend of fragrances from the plants and humid garden soil. The car stops by the entrance to one of these orchards at Shadijaan village, east of Enjil district in Herat Province.

Ensuring Food Security Is A Priority

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The center is offring courses in Agriculture and Horticulture to secondary school leavers and also for mature students. The target audience for the sessions includes TESOL convention-goers and those who can only attend online. For six weeks, participants and ESOL experts can engage in collaborative, online discussion or hands-on virtual workshops of professional and scholarly benefit. These sessions will bring together participants for a longer period of time than is permitted by the four-day convention and will allow a fuller development of ideas than is otherwise possible.

SOS Children, which runs nearly sos schools in the developing world, organised this selection. SOS Children has looked after children in Africa for forty years.

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Antoine Marie Moustache 8. Group work instructions Objectives of the group work Complete the matrix, focusing on the sectors you have been given. List any other useful sources of information and data. For each sector, list any practical, feasible adaptation activities that could be implemented in Seychelles also highlight any limitations.

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