Pink garden plants uk

Pink garden plants uk

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Pink garden plants uk

Crazy about roses, or flowers in general? This step-by-step photo tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful 'lazy daisy' rose garden with a variety of flowering plants and soft moss.

18 Steps

Step 1

First thing's first. If you've never worked with any kind of plants before, you'll need to do some research first. If you're looking to start a rose garden this month, we've got some useful links here to help you out:

Before you get to plant any part of your garden, however, you'll need to make sure your space is prepared. As mentioned above, we suggest getting someone else to do this for you, but it's a really easy job and you can usually expect to pay £8-£10 for the work depending on the size of your space.

First up, ensure that your soil is primed, watered and pest-free ready for planting. Next, prepare all your tools and flowers. Just make sure that you pack your rose-harvesting gloves in your bag or rucksack too, as you may need them to protect your hands when you reach for the plant pot (or at least it's easier for us to picture your bare hands getting scratched).

Here are the equipment we recommend you need:

2.30pm, Thursday 25th June 2014

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Looks like a lovely step-by-step guide - I will be starting one this month as my mum lives with me at the moment, she gets the plant pots and I will try and get in touch with her husband later this month to have a chat about it.

I'd love to do it myself but i have no idea about anything! is there any help with plants please? sorry i'm a newby. also i just found some videos on Youtube, i don't know what to do with them. do they work or do i just look silly in them! x

Aww, well done you for getting started! It's a great idea to get someone else to help with this, as it's a really easy thing to do. However, there's a couple of things to keep in mind when planting your roses too:

Don't plant it too deep. As a general rule, a couple of inches of soil is the right depth for a rose bush to be planted in, however there are a lot of different rose varieties and these can take up to 3-4 inches of soil in order to thrive, so you need to be very careful when planting. You can check if your plant is a shallow-rooted variety by looking at the roots at the bottom of the pot, if the roots are a light green then the plant is shallow-rooted, if the roots are a deep purple then it's a deep-rooted variety.

Add some potting compost to the bottom of the pot when you plant it to help feed the plant, especially if it's a deep-rooted plant and not grown in deep compost.

You can use a watering can as a mini tool to 'water' the pot of your plant once every day to help keep it healthy. We'd suggest that you use a spout on your watering can to stop it splashing around in the compost when you're aiming at the pot rather than at the plant itself.

A couple of tips from us for future references.

Remove the plant before flowering to keep your plants healthy

You'll find that some plants are still perfectly happy in the pot once they've started to flower, and that a rose bush can even survive and continue to flower if you remove it from its current pot. However, a rose bush needs to be pruned back once it's started to flower, as if you