A landscape and design livonia

A landscape and design livonia

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A landscape and design livonia of the world.


Holland at Lake Michigan: A Beautiful Place

My father’s family are from the Netherlands, my mother’s family from the Netherlands, and I have always loved the Dutch landscape. I have seen Holland, Amsterdam and Haarlem and have had visits to Zeeland, Friesland, Groningen, Limburg, and West Holland. The only place that I have yet to visit is East Holland. I am very sad that I have yet to visit Rotterdam or Amsterdam, but I am very excited to go to Holland this summer. As a child, I had been told that I was lucky to have my entire family living here in North America, and now it will be my turn to see the beautiful landscape that my mother and father loved so much. I am so excited to experience everything I have heard and seen and am looking forward to my adventure in Holland.

When I first learned about the Dutch landscape, I was amazed. My family used to go to the beach at the Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts and I remember seeing the beautiful sand dunes, the seashore with the beautiful flowers, and the wonderful colors of the Cape. However, the Dutch landscape was completely different. I was overwhelmed by the huge meadows that are scattered with houses, surrounded by dikes, and even lakes. Everything is so green with grass, water and small flowers. Even the fields that appear to be empty are filled with wild flowers, flowers, and even small shrubs. The colors are so intense and the scene seems so tranquil. The Dutch have a special word for this and I will have to research it. I don’t know if this was the word that my mother used, but I loved this description. Her voice always comes back to me when I look at this landscape.

“It is a beautiful place, and even though there are dunes, fields of green grass and even a beach, there is always something that looks so green, something that looks like a field of flowers, something that looks like a lake. There is always something to look at and so different.”

The dikes are made of concrete that protect the country and they run through the country from the North Sea to the North Sea and can reach inland up to four kilometers (two miles). This is so amazing to me because I know that the dikes can be seen throughout the United States in states like Wisconsin and even in states in the Midwest. The dikes in Holland can reach up to seven kilometers (three and a half miles). Because of the dikes, many people don’t feel the cold that you feel in other parts of the world.

The dikes are always in the same shape. It is a circle and there are houses built on top of the dike. I was told that the houses were built in different places in Holland so you can find houses on the dike that are in the middle of nowhere and also in the middle of the city. It looks like a city because there are houses all around. Some houses have gardens with all the different flowers and trees that I have never seen anywhere else.

“It is so beautiful and I never want to leave, but I also want to keep the things that I love.”

As I walked through the dikes, I felt like the dikes were a reminder to me to be happy. The dikes remind me of being happy and that I should always be happy because they are here to protect me. If it weren’t for the dikes, the water would flow through the country and destroy everything that I love. So, it’s kind of sad that the dikes are here. On the outside, they look very strong, but when you get close to them and touch them, you realize that the dikes are only for looks and are not as strong as you would think. They are there just to give the country the name of Holland. It is very beautiful, but I do want to stay and protect it.

As I stepped onto the dike, I looked at the houses that were built on top of the dike. There was a big sign that read: “Holland – Do you know how great you are?”

I asked the boy that was following me, “Is this the Netherlands?”

He said, “No. This is the country that you live in, but Holland is the dike that stands on top of the land that we live in.”

After I learned this, I asked if he could take my picture with his phone.

He didn’t have a phone.

I tried my best to take a picture, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I said, “If you could please take a picture of me holding a piece of the dike, it would be a really good picture.”

He said, “I know the right place for that.”

I thought I was going to be able to tell everyone about my amazing day in the Netherlands, but I didn’t get a chance. The dike has to be closed when there is a high tide. After three, there were not many people left. I asked a couple of them if they had heard about the dikes, but they didn’t know what I was talking about. Then, I asked the same question to the man with the dog.

He laughed and said, “We would never leave here. We would die if we had to leave. We love this dike and the people who live here.”

When I got back to the van, I saw a dog on the sidewalk waiting for its owner. I couldn’t help but ask the dog’s owner what the dog was doing. He said, “He is looking for someone who has not yet come home.”

I looked at the dog. He didn’t have a collar. I asked the owner if he could check with the neighbors to see if anyone had seen a dog without a collar. The owner said that the neighbors were the ones who found him.

I walked over to the owner to see if I could help. He was upset that he couldn’t find his dog. He was about to cry. I gave him the collar for his dog and said, “I found him this morning, but he was about to leave. Someone had lost their dog.”

“I am so sorry. It is my fault. I should have been here.”

I wanted to hug him, but I had no place to hug him, so I put my hand on his shoulder and shook it.

I left and walked through the village. In my neighborhood, many of the houses are on a dike. I asked the man at the door, “Have you seen the family that lives in the red house by the cemetery?”

“Yes, they live in our neighbor’s house.”

“What is their name?”

He said, “I don’t know their names. They have two children. One is a boy. He is about eight years old. The other is a girl. She is three or four.”

I asked, “Do you have any pictures?”

He said, “Yes, we have pictures. We take them out and show them.”

He went into his house and brought out his phone

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