Horticulture week top 100 garden centres 2017

Horticulture week top 100 garden centres 2017

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Horticulture week top 100 garden centres 2017

Garden centres are everywhere, so it can be hard to pick the right one. That’s why, once a year, I spend a bit of time trawling through all the articles on Horticulture Week’s website to compile a list of our most popular blogs and reviews.

Below is my 2017 list of the top 100 garden centres around the UK. You’ll find links to all the articles where I discuss each garden centre on their own.

Number 100: Selective Gardens

The number 100 garden centre may just be missing from this list but Selective Gardens has had a busy year and should be on every gardener’s short list.

The year has been full of changes and progress at Selective Gardens. The opening of their new furniture store, in addition to the main garden centre, has helped move things on nicely.

This year, the range of plants they sell has been growing steadily, with all the tools and equipment that I love seeing at a garden centre. I hope they continue to grow in the coming year and that their plans to join the Plodas of the UK garden centre sector come to fruition.

Number 99: Love in a garden centre

Every year, in my Local Guides column, I tell you where the best garden centres are in the UK.

I’m about to go out on a limb and predict that Love in a Garden Centre may make this year’s list, though it hasn’t been officially announced as of yet.

What I really love about Love in a Garden Centre is the beautiful and calm atmosphere they’ve created, especially at the end of a long day spent outside. If you’re looking for a friendly place to relax or read a book, you really can’t go wrong with Love in a Garden Centre.

Number 98: Southern Exposure

The South London garden centre is now one of my favourite garden centres in London.

It may not be the biggest garden centre in the UK but Southern Exposure is a real highlight of any London-based gardener. It’s located off Belsize Park station on the South London Line and the gardens are beautiful and the staff friendly.

What has helped so much is the company’s decision to spruce up their staff, from new staff managers to a greater number of knowledgeable plant enthusiasts working at the centre.

Number 97: The Handy Man

I used to live about a 10-minute walk from The Handy Man in Bootle and that is definitely a handy location.

The Handy Man doesn’t have huge outdoor space for its garden centre, but it certainly does a good job of making the most of what it has.

I still remember the odd rainy day I had when I worked there – and the small garden centre out the back was where I’d go for a coffee or for lunch – but it was always pleasant and the staff there very helpful.

I’ve been a customer of The Handy Man for some time now and I’ll definitely be a regular again in 2018.

Number 96: South Street Garden Centre

After 14 years in business, this is the last remaining garden centre in east London that I would trust with my gardening needs.

They’ve certainly grown their reputation over the years, despite what their current layout may be like. The staff are helpful, the customers are happy and the outdoor space – while small – is well-maintained.

Number 95: Granny’s garden centre

Granby’s Garden Centre continues to do what it does well.

Over the years, Granby’s has found a niche that it excels at. Their family garden centre concept – families growing their own plants together – is something I just love. The calm atmosphere they’ve created with the help of these lovely people, who were relocated to Granby’s, is something to be admired.

If you have family or friends who are looking for a garden centre to visit or if you’re looking to plant up your own family plot, I’d highly recommend Granby’s Garden Centre.

Number 94: Garden Park Nurseries

Despite the massive change that happened with this garden centre recently, Garden Park Nurseries remains a favourite among gardeners in Woking.

New for 2017 is a partnership with A’gwen Bury. Now, they have their own space in Woking’s Asda store and their own entrance off into the garden centre, much like garden centres in London used to be.

Overall, though, I think Garden Park Nurseries did a great job transforming and updating their garden centre in Woking, something I didn’t think possible.

Number 93: Ferns &, Rhizomes

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