Landscape design for raised deck and srairs

Landscape design for raised deck and srairs

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Creating a cozy space to entertain or simply relax can always be a great idea to any homeowner. Building one of those elevated decks with stairs will make the idea even more perfect. Just imagine you have a comfortable place right on your outdoor patio or deck. From wooden to concrete decks, you have a lot of possibilities in hand when you are planning to bring your outdoor area into another level. Light gray is the ideal color for adding subtle detail either indoor or outdoor.

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37 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas Around Deck

Many yards come with a noticeable grade, and backyard steps help to create a safe, convenient path across that grade. Moving from an upper level patio to a lower grassy area or from a walkout deck to the grass, backyard steps come in a range of designs and materials. Wood and stone are the two most common materials used.

Wood stairs work best with wooden decks and to cover long stretches. Use this type of material when you want affordable, safe access to a door or raised living space. Readily available dimensional lumber comes together to create a set of solid steps in almost any length, with a railing attached where necessary. Stone is a great choice for in-ground stairs, such as those built into a steep grade or used to access your patio.

Contractors may install large, one-piece stone stairs or build a set using compacted soil and strategically placed stones and pavers. Always design your steps for comfortable traffic flow, with the minimal rise height of each stair and run depth of each tread required by building code.

You want to create a path that is safe and easy to travel, keeping in mind the needs of your own family now and in the future. Install a landing to break up long flights of stairs, and to redirect a set of steps. Landings should be wide enough to accommodate the stairs, and large enough to allow people to make the turn, often at least 4-foot square.

Be sure the tread has some texture to avoid creating a slippery surface, and install railings for stairs taller than 3 rise. Very gradual steps with a wide tread may be safe without a railing, but be sure to check with local building code to ensure compliance.

With the right design and professional construction, backyard steps help to make your outdoor space useable. Take the time to design your steps well and these outdoor elements will add value to your property. Tags: landscaping , backyard , stone , stone steps.

See Our Blog Posts Below:. Typical Stair Materials Wood and stone are the two most common materials used. Design Basics Always design your steps for comfortable traffic flow, with the minimal rise height of each stair and run depth of each tread required by building code.

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Deck VS Patio: What Is Your Backyard Better Suited For?

Not only for those looking from the yard but also some quick landscaping can give some privacy or create a bit more of a barrier. However you want to finish off your deck then here are some great landscaping ideas around decks to help get you started. Image courtesy Pinterest. Even though this house has plenty of yard space to work with, they have chosen to add a simple deck with a shade-roof structure on top.

Ahead, find everything you need to know about deck design, against the green landscape but blends in with the exterior of the house.

Our Past Projects

Backyard Ideas Deck Ideas. We go to great pains to install only the best staircases in our homes, taking style, security, and durability all into account, so why should the same discerning treatment not be extended to the outdoor deck? Your deck is no doubt about to receive a great deal of foot traffic with warmer seasons descending, making this the perfect time to make sure your deck steps are as safe as they are appealing. Platform decks most certainly reap the benefits of floating or angled steps, which open the space and add a touch of the decadent; similarly, multi-level and freestanding decks set the perfect stage for inlaid lighting and finely crafted stair-and-handrail designs. You deserve an outdoor deck that reflects the home you worked so hard to create, a space to entertain and likewise reflect on your accomplishments at home and abroad. Under the stars or soaking up the sun, you want your deck to provide years of enjoyment as well as rock-solid security. These top 50 best deck stair ideas not only make sure you never miss a step, but keep you moving in enviable ease and superior taste.

30 Ideas to Dress Up Your Deck

Take a look at some of our past projects and give us a call or send us an email if you are interested in improving your landscape. Skip Navigation. Our Past Projects. Stand back at the street

Backyard decking delivers a fresh and stylish finish to your outdoor area, adding warmth, visual interest and a holiday-like ambience to your home.

20 Inspirational Outdoor Deck Design Ideas

When designing decks or a patios people often forget that what you see from the inside of your house is just as important as the view from the outside. Choosing a material is just one of many important factors in the design process. We make sure to pay attention to every aspect of your project, including creating rich visual elements that enhance your landscape experience when you are outside AND inside! You want a deck or patio to be an extension of your indoor living space and the team at James Martin Associates will ensure this happens in the most beautiful way possible. Remember, living in Chicago, we only get to use our backyard space for months in the year.

Backyard Decks and Patios in the Chicago Climate

You are here:. When it comes to landscaping work around the home, sometimes it can be difficult to know when you can do-it-yourself and when you need to call in a registered building practitioner. Likewise, it might not always be obvious whether you need a permit, contract or insurance for the work. The information on this page will help clarify these issues. Some landscaping work must only be undertaken by a registered building practitioner, while for other landscaping work this is not legally required. However, even when a registered building practitioner is not legally required, you may feel more confident using a practitioner who holds a suitable VBA registration.

Multilevel landscape design utilizes retaining walls, terraces, steps, decks, Decks. Raised Backyard Deck Source. Building a large terrace allows you to.

See 6 Stunning Patio Transformations

When designing your outdoor living area, don't forget to plan for climate, weather habits, maintenance, soil type and lighting. Well-placed lights can make the area safer for evening entertaining, as well as create a great atmosphere. Be sure to design your outdoor space to compliment the house, especially if it is attached to it. How To Outdoors Landscaping.

Raised Patios

Landscaping around deck areas can be tricky. Do you have enough space? Do you have enough time to maintain it? These are all questions I asked myself before I decided on the perfect landscaping style. Coming up with ideas for landscaping around decks can be difficult, I know.

This chair is great for sitting around your firepit, relaxing … Paving slabs can have different dimensions and come in all different shapes on eBay. Builders Edge.


Both offer a beautiful way to enjoy your property, giving you space to eat, relax and entertain. Although on the surface patios and decks seem similar, there are, in fact, some key differences that could make one better suited to your property than the other. Featured product: Borealis patio slab. A deck, typically made of wood or composite product, is a raised structure, most often attached to your house. Wooden decks can be a few inches or several feet above grade and require a supporting structure underneath. This structure is most often also made of wood but can be made with poured concrete pillars for extra strength. Wooden decks feature a number of design possibilities.

Is your home better suited for a deck or patio? Both can be a beautiful addition to your yard, but each one has its pluses and minuses. Depending on if you plan on doing additional updating in the future, you may want to leave your options open for the future. Here are our go-to guidelines for choosing which is best for you as well as the pros and cons on each option!