Best fruit trees to grow in auckland

Best fruit trees to grow in auckland

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Best fruit trees to grow in auckland

Auckland is one of the finest cities to live in, not only because of its lush surroundings, the incredible ocean views and the amazing food and beverage culture, but also because of the quality of life. There are a number of areas in Auckland where you will be able to enjoy some of the best fruit trees available today. One of the most exciting areas to grow fruit is in Auckland’s north shore.

Where best to grow fruit in Auckland

Tugun: Central Auckland’s north shore has a large proportion of residents who enjoy living in their area. As a result, there are plenty of green belts and open spaces in Tugun, which make it the perfect place for fruit trees. What’s more is that you are very close to the estuary, where there are a number of streams that are ideal for growing fruit trees.

Waiheke Island: Living in this region will ensure that you are part of the island’s social scene, and as a result, will likely be amongst a number of people who also enjoy living in the area. Due to this, Waiheke island is a very popular region in which to live, as it is easily accessible to both the North Shore and Auckland CBD. Waiheke Island also features many open spaces that make it ideal for fruit trees.

Kumeu: When growing fruit trees, you may want to look for a place where it is easy to get the supply of water. However, you will also need to ensure that you can easily access the electricity and data networks as well. Kumeu can cater for these requirements, which make it a great place to live and grow fruit trees.

Long Bay: One of the main reasons that people choose to live in the area is because of the beautiful coastline that it has to offer. If you are