Dwarf grasses for landscaping

Dwarf grasses for landscaping

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Gardening Help Search. Graceful and fluid, ornamental grasses not only offer year-round appeal, they add a sense of movement and soothing sound to a landscape as well. Beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall, many believe they are at their best when providing seasonal interest and beauty in the winter garden. Ornamental grasses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are suitable for specimen plants or can also be used as screens and hedges.

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Ornamental Grasses for the Landscape

Perennials offer an enormous variety of colors, sizes, habits, fragrances and bloom times. Plant a perennial once and be rewarded with blooms that return year after year. As they mature and become established they will also become more self-sufficient, needing less watering and care than annual flowers.

Find Zone. Enter Zip:. View Zone Map. Anemone - Windflower. Avens - Geum. Baptisia - False Indigo. Beardtongue - Penstemon. Beebalm - Monarda. Bellflower - Campanula.

Betony - Stachys. Black Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia. Blazing Star - Gayfeather. Bleeding Heart - Dicentra. Bluestar - Amsonia. Calamint - Calamintha. Carnation - Dianthus. Catmint - Nepeta. Columbine - Aquilegia. Coneflower - Echinacea. Coral Bells - Heuchera. Creeping Phlox - Phlox Subulata. Daylily - Hemerocallis. Dead Nettle - Lamium. False Sunflower - Heliopsis.

Garden Phlox - Phlox Paniculata. Geranium - Cranesbill. Giant Hyssop - Agastache. Goatsbeard - Aruncus Aethusifolius. Goldenrod - Solidago. Hibiscus - Rose Mallow. Horseradish - Armoracia rusticana. Hosta - Plantain Lilies. Ice Plant - Delosperma. Ironweed - Vernonia. Jacob's Ladder - Polemonium.

Lady's Mantle - Alchemilla mollis. Lavender - Lavendula. Leopard Plant - Ligularia. Meadow Sage - Salvia. Milkweed - Asclepias. Ornamental Onion - Allium. Painted Daisy - Tanacetum. Peony - Paeonia. Russian Sage - Perovskia. Shasta Daisy - Leucantheumum. Sneezeweed - Helenium. Spiderwort - Tradescantia. Stonecrop - Sedum. Sweet Woodruff - Galium. Thyme - Thymus vulgaris. Tickseed - Coreopsis. Turtlehead - Chelone.

Wormwood - Artemisia. Yarrow - Achillea millefolium.

Gardening with Ornamental Grasses

Because of their color, texture and movement, ornamental grasses are wonderful additions to our landscapes. Even better, you get all this beauty for little work--once established, just water during drought and cut them back in early spring. And they withstand pests even deer avoid them. There are many varieties available, so finding one to suit your garden style and growing conditions as well as your taste should be easy. Here are Midwest Living's picks for Zones that is a wide range, so make sure your selection fits your Zone. Find your Zone here. A mounding plant with a lovely shape, its name refers to its graceful spray of foliage and late-summer plumes of fuzzy flowers.

Plant on a south-facing exposure for increased winter protection. Readily reseeds. An excellent addition to a summer garden! Dwarf Pampas Grass.

Six Powerhouse Native Grasses

Best Perennial Ornamental Grasses. With the popularity of ornamental grasses, new cultivars are being introduced every year. Finding one to suit your soil and climate conditions as well as visual preference should not be difficult. With recent weather extremes it is helpful to check with your trusted garden center to determine the best varieties for your region. Blue Fescue: Festuca glauca This hardy perennial grass has been used for some time in gardens across the country. It is a cool season grass, evergreen in zone 5, hardy to zone 4, with some varieties hardy in zone 3. Blue Fescue works nicely for containers, border edging, or in masses.

Ornamental Grasses

Designers love to use ornamental grasses to add structure and seasonal interest. They have instant appeal and we designers are suckers for plants that soften pathways and make a dramatic statement. They are a staple in modern landscape style. However, grasses have a bad reputation.

The autumn garden is full of late-season color: bold dahlias and asters, pastel Japanese anemones, dusky chrysanthemums, and sunny goldenrods. But there is another group of plants flowering at this time, although the "blossoms" are not quite what you might expect.

4 Florida Grasses to Add to Your Landscape

One type of plant that fits the bill is ornamental grass. This foliage option will give your landscape texture, color and lively movement. Plus, if you choose ornamental grasses that are native or adaptive to Texas, you can make your property more efficient saving you money on utilities. Not all grasses are created equal, though, so choose ones that are noninvasive and will benefit your landscape. Here are six dependable ornamental grasses to consider for your commercial landscape design or installing on your commercial landscape. As the weather begins to get cooler during the fall, this grass really comes to life.

Diarmuid Gavin: How ornamental grasses can bring life to your garden this autumn

Miniature golden fan-shaped blades. An excellent pond plant! Mature size: " tall and " spread. Pheasant's-medium grass is a semi-evergreen grass known for it's distinctive amber coloration of it's foliage. Dies back in cold winters, but evergreen in mild winters. Mature size: 3' tall and wide. Red-tipped foliage with darker green leaves that turn maroon in fall, they also having red flowers on red stems.

BLUEBUNCH WHEATGRASS: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass; state grass of food and cover for birds and small animals; does not reseed heavily. (').

Perennial Grasses

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Divide every three years in autumn. Now, I want to show you what I think is the best variety, dwarf feather grass or Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio'. Other species and cultivars like this one here can actually grow upwards of 1.

Little Zebra Dwarf Zebra Grass

Meadow gardens are all the rage. And with good reason! They can be cottage or contemporary. They can be showpieces or soft edges. But in California there's a few extra items to check off to make sure grass gardens will give you the gorgeous you desire. Here's a hot combo of white muhly grass and green New Zealand flax.

You need plants that can stand up to your weather conditions and also make an impression.

After you have invested time and money into your landscape it is important to take proper care of your plantings. Here is a list that I have compiled over the years that I share with my clients. I hope you will find it useful! Be careful not to over water! Feel down by the roots to determine whether the plant is getting the correct moisture. Soil should appear moist but not wet or overly dry.

Ornamental grasses are phenomenal feature and accent plants for the home landscape. They can add height, depth, and contrasting texture. When you use grasses as tools in your landscaping, you add another dimension to your yard. They stand out against traditional landscape plants, but they also complement, while at the same time contrasting.