Two green thumbs indoor plant care

Two green thumbs indoor plant care

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Gardening and Growing Tips. Listen up. And in order to keep them alive, they really just need the basics. The basics … what the heck are those? We both thrive off the basics :. For us, these basics entail quality food, water, and our need for a safe, warm place to live.

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6 Easy Houseplants to Take Care Of—No Green Thumb Needed

Caring for plants is easily my favorite hobby. Indoor plants add a freshness and joy to my living space, plus watching the new leaves unfurl under my care always feels like an achievement. But in the early days of this hobby, I killed many an unfortunate plant with my personal 'instincts' on care.

After months in lockdown spent doing online research and following others' journeys on local plant groups, I've learned how and why so many of my early purchases died. For beginning plant parents, here's a guide to avoiding the five most common mistakes that can kill your plants. When you do over-water a plant, it causes root rot, which is exactly what it sounds like. Treatment: If you think you might have over-watered a plant, check the leaves for yellowing and discoloration.

Next, gently pull the plant from its pot and check the roots — are they firm and healthy or soft and decaying? If only some roots are in the latter camp, pull out the healthy roots and try re-potting those in new soil. Or, try washing off the roots and cutting off the rotting sections. Prevention: In general, avoid over-watering by giving your plant the right amount of time between soaks.

This amount will vary based on the plant, the growing season and how much sun it receives, so a good bet for beginners is to start with plants that visibly show when they need water with droopy leaves. Philodendron erubescens is one of the plants currently trending on social media, in part due to its rare pink variegation. Re-potting in itself causes stress to the plant, but what's more concerning is getting the potting medium just right.

Instead of going down a rabbit hole on perlite, orchid bark, coco coir, peat moss and more, buy from a local nursery or trusted local seller and rest assured that your plant is already in the right medium. Knowing your plants' needs can allow you to create group arrangements like this one. The best time to research a plant is before you buy it, and the second best time is just after you bring it home. The internet should be able to tell you how deep the dryness should go before another watering session.

That way, you'll learn about your actual needs in terms of fertilizers, pesticides, grow lights, humidifiers, fungicides etc. This is a big one: check on your plants.

One of my first huge mistakes when I began keeping plants in earnest was leaving an English Ivy to itself for a few weeks. The plant was alive, but so were the seemingly millions of spider mites that had spun webs through its leaves — and started spreading to other plants. Check on your plants regularly, examining the leaves and growth for changes in appearance or signs of insects. If you see something odd, search the Internet to learn whether its harmless or something you need to address.

Deep windowsills with indirect light create a multitude of possibilities for indoor plant displays. A gangly fiddle-leaf fig and a cactus hang above a jungle-inspired assortment with a rubber plant front and center. I was incredibly ambitious when I began buying plants, and one thing I forgot to consider was the low lighting in my apartment.

It can scorch your leaves, especially on plants with sensitive foliage or variegation. For the latest and best from Chron, sign up for our daily newsletter here. Most Popular. BUY LOCAL: Houston's best nurseries for indoor and outdoor plants For beginning plant parents, here's a guide to avoiding the five most common mistakes that can kill your plants.

Over-watering Over-watering is among the most common mistakes in plant care and very hard to treat. Re-potting new plants Philodendron erubescens is one of the plants currently trending on social media, in part due to its rare pink variegation. More Lifestyle. Today's Picks. Houston councilman walks back controversial bike lane remarks. Harris Co. Where to buy hot Christmas toys at the cheapest prices.

Commitment issues? Hone your green thumb instead

Indoor plants bring the outside in; they have the power to make any given room much more colorful and lively. If you care for houseplants properly, they can make your home a peaceful green haven. Green plants purify the air we breathe, and make our homes more welcoming, taking care of them will make them thrive and flourish and perform these tasks more efficiently. That is why learning how to care for houseplants is very important; even the simple act of watering plants can do more harm than good if not done properly.

For indoor gardeners everywhere, Darryl Cheng offers a new way to grow healthy house plants. He teaches the art of understanding a plant's needs.

How to keep your indoor plants alive

Please select your shipping region. Deck the halls and homes of loved ones with flavorful herbs, nutritious greens, exciting veggies and beautiful flowers. The smart garden does all the work for you. Add pods. Add water. Plug it in. The Smart Soil keeps water distributed evenly inside the nanostructure, so the plant roots have access to water at all times. It makes sure plants have perfect pH-level and get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

Two green thumbs up

Have you ever been told you had a green thumb or a really not green thumb and wondered what it actually meant? Here's a peek into the origins of this phrase, its modern-day definition, and what plant experts want to clarify about it. Having a green thumb or green fingers in the U. This phrase traces back at least a century, with one of the first written records of it coming from a article in the Leicester Chronicle newspaper in England. My friend has what old country women call 'a Green Thumb,' that is to say, the gift of making anything and everything grow," writes Ms.

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10 Tips To Become An Instant Green Thumb

And with the change of seasons, our moods often follow suit, but there's an easy way to help ward off those winter blues — houseplants. Research suggests that having plants around is a good thing for your health and productivity. Studies show indoor plant care has several benefits, including lowering your blood pressure, decreasing your anxiety levels and improving your overall well-being. Here, are five of our favorite, low maintenance houseplants that will help you battle the winter blues:. Pothos - one of the easiest houseplants to grow.

Easy houseplants that’ll turn a brown thumb green

Houseplants can have us gardening year-round. They add a decorative touch to a home, and they emit oxygen and help remove toxins to purify the air. Shopping for your first houseplant or adding more to your collection can be an exciting experience. How does one choose a houseplant? I look for ones with interesting texture, foliage and form. More importantly does it appear healthy.

Native plants? Indoor plants? Tropical plants? Annuals live for one growing season, so they need to be replanted every year, Perennials may take longer to.

These 15 Plants Will Stay Alive and Thrive Even Without a Green Thumb

Having a green thumb is often as having mystical powers when it comes to plant care. People blessed with green thumbs seem to have a magic wand that makes plants thrive. However, a numb thumb is not necessarily a permanent condition. You buy a plant, leave it on the table a few days and, when it starts looking bad, give up and toss it in the trash or put it outside hoping will revive — with disastrous results.

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Our GrowInspired series features our innovative and creative garden partners. These are some of our favorite gardens and gardeners who inspire us to get out and play in the dirt. Amanda Willen, known as AmandaAndThePlants on Instagram, has garnered a huge following for her vibrant photos, plant stories, and information on indoor plants. From familiar Monstera to hard-to-grow String Of Hearts, Amanda tends to each of her plants with love and in the process has garnered helpful tips for those who may not have the green thumb for indoor gardening like she does.

Arctic cold weather swooped down across our area, causing my motivation for walking outside to diminish.

Houseplants are an excellent way to add dimension and living energy to your home. Some are exotic, and others are common, but all uplift your living environment by adding an aesthetic contribution. This newsletter focuses on six houseplants and a few others that are easy to grow and add beauty and interest to your home and living space. These are relatively common but beautiful. Spider plants also help to clean the air in your home and can absorb some toxins. All plants convert CO2 to oxygen, but spider plants go a bit farther in helping to keep the air clean.

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