Cal turf and landscaping

Cal turf and landscaping

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City of Modesto water customers may be eligible for a rebate when they convert their existing grass area with any qualifying artificial turf products or drought tolerant landscape products. Funding is limited and applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The City reserves the right to terminate this program at any time and for any reason. Outdoor landscaping is the single largest use of water in a typical California home or business.

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Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Skip to Main Content. Loading Close. Do Not Show Again Close. Sign In. As the largest amount of water tends to be used on irrigating turf grass, replacing the turf with California friendly plants or artificial turf is a smart way to save water. Please visit www. Projects that are started prior to receiving their pre-inspection and Letter to Proceed will not be funded.

If you are considering replacing your existing turf with drought-tolerant landscaping or artificial turf, please click on "Thinking about changing your grass to drought-tolerant landscaping? For additional information or questions, please visit the Planning counter in City Hall or call the Planning Department atResidential Parkway Landscaping Requirements The term "parkway" refers to the area between the curb and the sidewalk that is typically landscaped.

The parkway is part of the public right-of-way which means that it is subject to special restrictions that ensure public access and safety. To make sure that these restrictions are followed, the City of Fountain Valley requires that residents get an encroachment permit before starting work in the parkway. Important Note: The City Council has voted to waive the encroachment permit fee for parkway improvements related to water conservation during the drought.

If you are planning on making landscape improvements in the parkway, please click on Residential Parkway Landscaping for a helpful brochure that covers what you need to know before getting started, how to get an encroachment permit, parkway trees and plant materials.

For additional information or questions, please visit the Public Works counter in City Hall or call the Public Works Department atReport Water Waste. Water Restrictions. Water Conservation. Turf Removal. Southern California Water Supply. Urban Water Management Plan. Water Leak Detection. Rain Barrel Event.

Backflow Testing. Utility Payments. WateR Usage. Recreation COmmunity Services. Notify Me. Act of Kindness. Trash Updates. Arrow Left Arrow Right.

Lawn to Garden Rebate

This organization is rated 4. You can find out more by dialing a number: — or by visiting the website: calturfandlandscaping. You can try dialing this number: - or find more contacts on the official website: calturfandlandscaping. This information is present on this place's NiceLocal page.

Save big on water and lawn care expenses with quality artificial grass in Vacaville, CA! As one of the top installers of synthetic turf in Solano County.

Turf Removal…Is It Really The Best Solution To The Drought?

From Irrigation and Green Industry magazine. One of its directives called for replacing 50 million square feet of turf with drought-tolerant landscapes. We waste too much of it irrigating landscapes, goes the claim. But do we really? Its work engendered many complaints about dead plants, excessive weed growth, and ugly, rock-filled landscapes. Once the rebate money dried up, the company stopped doing turf replacements. When the water agencies ran out of money, people began assessing what benefits had been achieved.

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Cal Art Turf has all kinds of synthetic grass you need to create the yard you always wanted but never thought possible. We at Cal Art Turf have got you covered! With artificial grass installation you no longer have to be worried about:. We help homeowners save time, water and their backs, by switching from real grass to artificial turf. Hate seeing your home lawn turn brown due to California drought and water restrictions?

As a locally owned company serving the greater Los Angeles area, we offer innovative and creative landscape design using natural and artificial turf products for beautiful outdoor living spaces. The most successful outdoor spaces are those that are not only beautiful, but functional.

Artificial Grass

The Institute of Irrigation Research and Evaluation was created at Cal Poly Pomona in to provide a more formal mechanism for the agricultural engineering faculty to work with the irrigation industry on the testing and evaluation of irrigation equipment and systems. CTILT provides a focal point for research, and community outreach in the areas of turfgrass, ornamental plant materials, landscape irrigation technology. This slideshow contains 4 slides that will change every 8 seconds. The first button is to play and pause the slideshow, followed by buttons to go to the previous slide, next slide, or choose individual slides. Students gain valuable hands-on experience working at the center, maintaining turf and assisting with research projects.

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Water drought issues are a constant in Southern California today. Below is an article from the Davis-Stirling. On April 25, , the Governor adopted the following provision:. That has not yet happened. HOA restrictions on artificial turf are still valid. However, that may change.

California Turf and Landscaping provides creative solutions to outdoor living. Their friendly staff has creatives that can transform any.

Turf Replacement Program

Outdoor landscapes in California use water for irrigation, especially during summer. Outdoor water use is the largest portion of residential water use, especially in hotter inland areas and cities with larger lots. While lawns have value for recreation and aesthetics, replacing existing turf lawns with well-designed low-water landscapes that incorporate native and climate-appropriate shrubs, grasses, and trees, along with mulch varieties that replenish soil and retail water, can have many benefits.

Transform your outdoor living space with Cal Turf

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Get inspired by photos of successfully completed lawn to garden projects and check out the program eligibility and requirements below. Find tips to help you get started — check out Seven Steps to a New Landscape. Call or email us. Skip to Main Content. Loading Close. Do Not Show Again Close.

Directions to our warehouse, Hours of Operations and Contact information.

Need help or looking for some free samples?

Online Workshops will provide an overview of California Friendly and native landscape training, along with elements of turf removal and garden transformation. Please visit the Green Gardens Group web page using the below link to view workshop dates and times. Registration is required to attend. Turf Replacement Program Rebate Requirements In order to be eligible for a rebate, you must apply and receive project start approval before removing any turf grass. Please visit socalwatersmart.

Lush Landscaping; without the upkeep

You take pride in keeping up your elegant home, but it's easy to overlook a beautiful house when it's surrounded by an ill-kempt yard. If you're ready to invest in your property's big picture, contact Larson Landscaping. Our landscapers have extensive experience handling residential landscaping projects.