White lava plant care

White lava plant care

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Listen up: Make room in your summer garden for the dazzling tropical beauty of elephant's ears. Elephant's ears offer some of the boldest foliage you could ever want in a garden. Huge, heart-shaped leaves come in black, purple, emerald green, chartreuse, yellow, or a mix of colors. The mammoth leaves can be more than 3 feet long on plants that can grow higher than 6 feet tall. Even the stems deliver impressive colors.

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Ecological succession, explained

The number on a PB bag signifies the volume which is measured in pints of soil. Below are some examples of how the conversion rate works.. PB 12 mm x mm equivalent to 10 litres of soil PB 18 mm x mm equivalent to 12 litres of soil. Note: The height of the plant does not always correlate with bag size — it varies depending on species and the length of time the plant has been potted into a particular bag. We measure the height from the base of the trunk to the top of the highest leaves.

We do not do a diameter spread measurement of many plants we sell except for the odd succulent or cycad. We are currently experiencing a lot of demand for our trees so there is always pressure to put them out for sale as soon as they are bedded in the bag, this can occasionally mean they will measure smaller than the height indication shown. These are just coming out of their winter dormancy and putting on some excellent leaf. As of late OctoberAt Coast Palms and Cycads you will receive your plant contained in one of four different ways.

PB 12 mm x mm equivalent to 10 litres of soil PB 18 mm x mm equivalent to 12 litres of soil Note: The height of the plant does not always correlate with bag size — it varies depending on species and the length of time the plant has been potted into a particular bag.

The trees are always growing so the heights change with growth. Requires afternoon shade, prefers filtered sunlight. Low wind tolerant. Requires frost free site or indoors. Grows to a height of 1 metres approx.

Manages an indoor situation. Requires adequate moisture. Symbols description. We update our website three times a week with new lines of stock and what we have sold out. All products you see on the website are currently available.

Colocasia White Lava

Exceptionally dependable, attractive, and easy to grow - this Colocasia has it all! White Lava is a true stunner with its long wine-red stalks, low-maintenance nature , and glossy, heart-shaped foliage. Each leaf is flamboyantly marked with a unique purple spot and a large, broad, creamy white center vein. A member of the Royal Hawaiian series of Elephant Ears, White Lava's foliage droops dramatically toward the ground, creating a tropical look in any landscape or container. Inconspicuous blooms arrive from late spring to early summer, but we bet you won't even notice them amidst the striking leaves!

Over-watering symptoms include a collapsed base, yellowing older leaves, mouldy soil and plant death. If you feel that root rot is to blame, remove the affected.

Lava Umbrella Tree

Colocasia esculenta taro or elephant ears is grown for its huge and velvety heart-shaped leaves in shades of lime green, purple or black. A tender perennial, it can be grown outside in the UK in summer, in a pot or in a border, where it looks especially good combined with other jungly, exotic-looking plants such as bananas, begonias or tree ferns. It loves moist soil, so it can also be grown around the edge of a pond. Thought to have originated in south east Asia, taro also known as cocoyam, dasheen, godere and eddo has been cultivated as a food crop in many parts of the world for centuries. It is grown for its edible tubers which taste similar to sweet potato or yams and leaves. It is grown in wet, swampy areas and paddy fields and is one of the few crops that will grow on flooded land. You can also grow colocasia indoors all year round, as a house plant.

Colocasia - Elephant Ears

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Bright, fiery color complements or adds contrast to the garden. Kick your landscape up a notch or two by selecting one of the four types of flowering plants that include a "Molten Lava" variety.

How to Care for Indoor Elephant Ear Plants

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Colocasia esculenta 'White Lava' (Taro)

By on. This is a great tropical looking plant, that is easy to grow, and makes a big statement especially in colder climates where such large growth is hard to come by. And even better, it is so easy to overwinter. The term elephant ears is used for a variety of plants in the genus Colocasia and Alocasia. Both genera contain several species, but in the gardening world everyone seems to clump them together and, because of their leaf shape, call them elephant ears. You can buy taro in a grocery store and grow it. Elephant ears have also been hybridized to produce leaves of various sizes and colors in the green, blue, black range. They do bloom with an arum-like flower, but the plants are grown mostly for the leaves.

Van Zyverden Colocasias are exotic plants known in the western world by three common names: taro, kalo and the descriptive anatomical name, elephant ear.

Our promises

Watch the beautiful leaves unfurl before you and enjoy the entire growing journey and become proud plant parents. We feature over 30 varieties here and we procure the finest bulb US farms have to offer. This year we try to get mostly Jumbo size bulbs as much as we can. USA plant bulbs are seasonal, only available at the start of spring January and sold out by summer July.

Colocasia 'White Lava' 3.3L

Our site is reader supported, this means we may earn a small commission from Amazon and other affiliates when you buy through links on our site. Lavatera is an easy to grow, upright shrubby plant that is known for not just the attractive foliage but for the large display of flowers. Flowers usually manifest from the middle of summer until the first frost so will often flower well into September. Native to the Mediterranean, this plant is quite easy to grow and you can get both vigorous large varieties as well as dwarf varieties such as Baby Barnsley. Thankfully it is fairly pest and disease resistant and does a good job attracting many beneficial insects to your gardens such as bees and butterflies. These flowers cope with any salty weather or poor soil conditions so also make excellent coastal plants.

The number on a PB bag signifies the volume which is measured in pints of soil.

White Lava Elephant Ear - Colocasia

Welcome to our hopehappyshop, where to find the flowers, vegetables, fruit trees that turn the garden, your home into the best place. We carefully check our merchandise quality, only work with reliable suppliers so that you only get the best quality products. HopeHappyShop always believes. And we try to provide the best products at the most affordable prices and send them to you no matter where you are. From where we came from, plants e. We part with our plants only knowing that they will be heading to a better home and will be continued being adored and looked after. You will be receiving one plant between 2.

Richards Tree Farm

Colocasia is a genus [3] [4] of flowering plants in the family Araceae , native to southeastern Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Some species are widely cultivated and naturalized in other tropical and subtropical regions. The names elephant-ear and cocoyam are also used for some other large-leaved genera in the Araceae, notably Xanthosoma and Caladium. The generic name is derived from the ancient Greek word kolokasion , which in Greek , botanist Dioscorides 1st century AD may have inferred the edible roots of both Colocasia esculenta and Nelumbo nucifera.

Watch the video: White Lava Taro are stunning additions to every water feature.