Wild cherry bark tree fruit

Wild cherry bark tree fruit

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Wild cherry bark tree fruit extract, also known as sweet cherry bark extract and Amur sweet cherry bark extract, is derived from the dried wood of the American wild cherry tree (also called Amur sweet cherry, Amur wild cherry or Amur black cherry).

The most frequently listed benefits of cherry bark extract include:

Stimulation of energy production

Increased metabolic activity and oxygen consumption

Anti-fatigue and anti-tiredness effects

Relief of joint pain

Increased strength and stamina


Promotes cardiovascular health and anti-inflammatory effects

Promotes weight loss

How to use cherry bark extract

The recommended dosage for cherry bark extract is two capsules three times a day.

How to take cherry bark extract

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight, cherry bark extract can help with fat loss in both men and women.

As a weight loss supplement, you can take two capsules