Landscape design for water feature

Landscape design for water feature

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From quiet still shallow ponds to the active spray jets in a formal pool, water can provide just the right element for the many moods of a landscaped space. Because of the wide range of options that are available, adding a water feature can be accomplished for even the smallest of garden areas. Water gardens can range in size from a pond of several acres to a small whiskey barrel container. Although different in water volumes, the principles of water gardening are the same for any size feature. Every water garden will need to be maintained on a regular basis and consideration should be made for the amount of time available by the homeowner. By understanding a few basic principles, problems in ponds can be reduced and maintenance minimized.

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Water feature - Landscape Architecture

The best gardens are more than just beautiful. Some of our favorite outdoor designs incorporate function and beauty. Outdoor spaces that have been transformed into someplace unique to the homeowner and their tastes, while offering an oasis for them to enjoy their time at home.

While the visual appeal is an important element, what you leave up to the other senses is what completes the experience. From fragrant flowers to delightful textured plants, your personal outdoor space can be full of everything you want to experience. And what better place to relax and enjoy time with family, friends, and loved ones than a calming garden getaway that provides a platform for entertaining?

The easiest way to add sound and tranquility to your yard is with a water feature. Not only are they incredibly personalized and customizable, they are simpler to install than most people think — especially with the assistance of our team of landscape and design experts to guide the way.

The benefits of adding trickling water to your garden are clear as soon as you step into a garden that has a water feature. The sound immediately provides a relaxing and calming atmosphere for you and your guests. They also pack a ton of other benefits by boosting ambient humidity for your garden to enjoy, and providing shelter and water for your favorite wildlife and beneficial insects.

In terms of design, there are many reasons why people fall in love with the idea of having a water feature in their backyard. In ancient Babylon, Kings used water along with feats of engineering and lots of manpower to create lush tropical oases in the middle of the desert. More recently, in France, the royal family created impressive fountains and gardens for their opulent palace in Versailles. These days there are so many customizable options that anyone can have all the luxury of the royal water features of the past in their own backyard.

Sign up to our email newsletter, and get inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. Our gardens are our own sanctuary, so it makes sense that we optimize the space for sharing with loved ones and for relaxing. With the sound of water dripping and flowing, your whole yard is filled with ambient noise that promotes relaxation. Water features themselves offer a host of benefits to the overall experience in your yard, but they are visually stunning as well. There are so many options for types and styles of water installations, your options are endless for designing a beautiful water feature that perfectly compliments your existing outdoor aesthetic.

There are a few basic types of water features to choose from. Depending on your ambition, you can opt for a pre-made feature, or something completely one-of-a-kind. The simpler method of starting a water feature is with a fountain. These are easy to source and come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and prices. This elegant solution comes with relatively simple upkeep and maintenance. While you can always scale your project to be bigger and more elaborate, the simplest of fountains are easy to add to an existing landscape design without much extra work.

Ponds are popular options for people that are willing to put in a bit more work and regular maintenance for a stunning centerpiece that really ties the whole landscape together.

Instead of a feature in your design, ponds tend to be a commanding central point that focuses the entire look of your yard. Waterfalls and water walls can either be incorporated into a pond or built to be free-standing. Waterfalls and water walls can be sculpted with concrete, granite or natural stone to create a dramatically beautiful focal point. Our experts are a great starting point for an ambitious project like installing a waterfall. With help from the Ted Lare design team, you can create a water feature that works well with your home and lifestyle, with the confidence that it will be done right.

Installing a new feature is an investment in your property as well as an investment in your time spent outside — for you and everyone you welcome into your home each year. Our garden style and trend blog, dedicated to helping you design and shape your dream home, garden, and outdoor retreat. Inspiration comes in many forms. We cover a wide range of Central Iowa. Email: tedsgardens tedsgardens.

Work at Ted Lare. No products in the cart. Garden Center Hours. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Youtube. Creating Sanctuary with Water Features. Why We Love Water Features The benefits of adding trickling water to your garden are clear as soon as you step into a garden that has a water feature. The Benefits of Water Features Our gardens are our own sanctuary, so it makes sense that we optimize the space for sharing with loved ones and for relaxing.

Water Feature Options There are a few basic types of water features to choose from. Prev Previous Low-Maintenance Gardening. The Ted Lare Look Our garden style and trend blog, dedicated to helping you design and shape your dream home, garden, and outdoor retreat. Landscaping Get inspired and create an outdoor space worth living in. Gardening Find tips and inspiration to transform your landscape and home with the world of gardening.

From basic planting and care to beautiful design ideas, bringing home a touch of life has never been easier! Houseplants Are you as crazy about house plants as we are?

If so, you will love learning about new plant varieties and creative ways to showcase your plants. Contact Us: Email: tedsgardens tedsgardens. Warranty and Return Policy. Ted Lare Garden Center. Closed for winter break until January 6th. Sunday pm — pm Monday am — pm Tuesday am — pm Wednesday am — pm Thursday am — pm Friday am — pm Saturday am — pm.

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Exquisite Water Features

In the fourth of a part series on Designing a Large Country Garden we look at ways to introduce water into a garden. Water, in all its forms, is a quintessential part of British garden design. A garden that incorporates the movement, sound, reflection and atmosphere of water, is a garden to indulge your senses. When designing a large country garden, water is often one of the first things we think about. While some might have natural water features, such as a stream or river, that we need to incorporate into our landscape masterplans , in others ponds and lakes might be used to connect a garden to its wider landscape. Smaller water features can help provide focus and offer contemplative tranquility to a more intimate area of the garden. They can also be used to encourage visitors to pause on a walk around the garden and sit and enjoy the sound, movement and wildlife such features invariably attract.

It's one of the reasons why more people are considering backyard water features as part of their landscape design projects.


Photo By: Image courtesy of Jeff Stafford. Photo By: Image courtesy of David Guettler. Photo By: Image courtesy of Liquidscapes. Home Outdoors Landscaping and Hardscaping Design. Get inspired by these innovative water features. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Jeff Stafford. Intimate Garden Room With Fountain Here's an idea for transforming an enclosed grass-covered courtyard into a visual showpiece: install a small formal pond and fountain as a dividing line, with lush aquatic vegetation as border elements. What could be a better setting for a resort-style spa and pool than this backyard, which offers a magnificent view of rolling hills and fields?

Water Feature Design & Installation

For almost 25 years, we have been designing and building custom water gardens, waterfalls, fountains, ponds, and more for customers throughout the Raleigh area, and we always strive for total customer satisfaction with every project. We hope you will browse our water feature project gallery today to see exciting examples of our work. Whether you choose to install a custom fountain, koi pond, waterfall, or striking water garden in your yard, you will gain an exciting focal point for your landscaping that will be sure to impress your family, friends, and neighbors. We look forward to helping you realize your vision for your Raleigh custom landscaping project, no matter what you have in mind. Everything they did for us -deck, patio, paver walkways, stack-stone and retaining walls — was superb.

Have you dreamed of incorporating outdoor water features into your Moore County property? These calming water elements provide a serene atmosphere where you can relax after a long day at work.

How To Choose The Perfect Water Feature For Your Garden

Water Gems is a multi-award-winning Edinburgh landscaper and water features specialist based in central Scotland. We offer a full range of services including garden and water feature design and high quality landscape construction , from small gardens or ponds to full design and build packages. We have extensive experience, a very broad range of skills and an innovative approach which allow us to transform outdoor spaces and create beautiful gardens. We love problem-solving, relish a challenge and take tremendous pride in our work. Our aim is to impress and please our clients with every project and to build them all to award-winning standards.

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The sound of flowing water can be relaxing indeed. It makes your living environment a whole lot more pleasant and tranquil. It gives a sense of balance to the urban environment that is otherwise surrounded by concrete, glass, stone and materials that have absolutely no give. It is this balance that water brings which makes flowing water features a staple of Zen-styled environments and homes that place an emphasis on Oriental design principles and Feng Shui. But how do you go about adding a water feature to your garden or backyard? As always, we are here to help in making the process of adding a water feature to your garden easy and largely effortless. Every garden, big or small, can incorporate a water feature and benefit from it immensely. It will quickly become the focal point of your outdoor living environment and should put your mind at ease after a long, hard day at work.

At The Noll Landscape Group in Fishers, IN, we can help you take your existing landscaping to the next level by creating a plan that.

Trickling waterfalls, birdbaths, mesmerizing fountains —— these outdoor water feature ideas bring serene ambiance straight to your backyard. From small ponds to magnificent sculptures, from recycled plastics to luxurious marble, water features offer plenty of variety for your landscape. Landscaping on a budget?

We use it to cook, brush our teeth and wash our cars, but few can deny the majesty of a waterfall or resist watching waves crash on a beach. Since ancient times humans have harnessed water to promote life and for entertainment. The Romans most famously created the aqueducts to bring life-giving water from great distances to population centers. They also famously celebrated water, creating ornate fountains in city squares — a celebration repeated around the world in public and private gardens, malls and airports. Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing that makes it water and nobody knows what it is. After finding out all I could about backyard water features, I learned to let the process control a project.

Cascading Water Feature View Project. Formal Hedged Pond View Project.

Architecture and design do not end at the front door. They are elements that extend to the landscape, blending lines that can lucidly define living in beautiful places. And the sounds and sight of water, in particular, provide tranquility, enhancing the idea of a house as respite or sanctuary. Using water to create drama extends living space from inside to outside. Water as a design feature can serve to create intimacy, drama and connection to the natural world. In some instances, the edges of the backyard can feel static, but clever arrangements of hardscape elements can make a garden or water feature extend the beauty of the built environment.

Nothing creates more relaxed atmosphere than the fountains in the garden. They provide cooling during the hot summer days and soothe the senses after a long day at work. The water basin in the garden can be a fountain, a small decorative pool, a pond or a beautiful waterfall which has a decorative function.