How much does landscaping pay per hour

How much does landscaping pay per hour

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How much does landscaping pay per hour? How does one calculate this? For example, if I put in 6 hours of work a day, is it worth it or not? Do I factor in taxes or not?

I have been thinking about this topic for quite a while and have yet to find the answer for myself. How much does landscaping pay per hour?

My landscaper said that he charges $3.50 per hour. I think that sounds very fair, however I am not sure of the "what does that include?" part. What is included in this rate and does it really make it worth it to pay?

The other issue I have is "how much" do I actually get from my work? Is it worth it to put in the time? My wife and I currently are in the process of building our new home and I would love to get an estimate from someone to see what that costs before we drop any more money into this project.

If I only put in 6 hours a day and charge $3.50 per hour, I would only make $18.75 in a week. It's not even half the money I was planning on making. However, my wife and I have been talking about it and she said she would be ok to do this as she doesn't have much time to do it anyway. I really need to see what she makes to see if it's worth it, but I do not have the time to do this.

I am really curious if anyone has worked this issue and I would appreciate some advice on this. How does this work?

I have been thinking about this topic for quite a while and have yet to find the answer for myself. How much does landscaping pay per hour?

My landscaper said that he charges $3.50 per hour. I think that sounds very fair, however I am not sure of the "what does that include?" part. What is included in this rate and how much will that cost? Is this rate fair?

I am really struggling to find out if this would be worth it or not. I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old and I want to have a good balance between work and my family. I would love to find out what other families make doing this as I think this is a great side business.

I'm not an expert in this topic, but I will try to give you an estimate.

Do you already have the yard? Or are you starting from scratch?

If you already have the yard, then you'll have to cut grass. If you start from scratch, then you'll have to design the layout and plant the landscape. I think that you'll do well if you price the job according to the total cost of the landscape. Let's say that you have a $10,000 budget. If you decide to plant a lot, then you'll have to price the job based on that total $10,000 for the landscape. If you do just one thing, like trimming the hedges, then it's going to cost less.

So if you price your work based on the total cost of the yard, you'll get a better deal.

A person I know has been working with a gardener on making a pond for their house and they pay a different amount for the time of the pond (when they bought the land, they asked a person who knew how to build ponds) as well as depending on the amount of plants, and the number of days needed. I know in our area, landscapers charge roughly 40 to 50 dollars an hour or if it's something that they are doing it alone (not doing a package) they are asking for 30 to 40 dollars per hour.

I think that if you're wanting to do something as a hobby, you will most likely start off charging a little more than someone who would charge as a job. I know that when I first started doing landscaping, I'd charge 35 to 40 dollars to trim, or do small jobs. Now, when I would ask, I'd say 30 to 35 dollars.

Now, if you start asking for 40 or 50 dollars, they'll be expecting it to last longer than the 30 to 40 dollars.

When I first started, I would do the big jobs for 40 or 50 dollars because I knew that if I charged less, they were going to expect more. Now, I go by the amount of hours.

When you decide how much you are going to charge, you should get a few estimates before you take on the job.

To get more jobs like these, there are a few ways to go about getting the job. I have a couple methods. I have an answering service that takes the messages and tells me who is available and what their rates are. They charge me by the hour but I have three rates. So, they charge me 45 dollars if I am available to do the job on a weekend or on a Thursday night, it is a little higher then 40 dollars on a weekday. They also charge me a little more if I am working all day Saturday.

The next way I find work is on a local job site such as ( These are good because the jobs will not disappear after I have placed the ads for the work. I've done many landscaping projects for myself and some jobs through these sites.

If I could offer you any advice, you need to realize that you are going to have to work a lot of hours to make money. I know I always have to work on my lawn and outside, I'm lucky if I get one day a week off of work. Most of the people that don't work outside are probably working from home as a job. You're going to have to work to get ahead as an independent contractor.

The third way to get a job is to find other contractors and ask them to pay you for your labor. I've had a couple of these contracts and that's how I got my first paid job, as a lawn care contractor.

If you have experience working with any sort of plant life, you'll have an easier time doing work for others as a contractor. Your work should be on display for others to see and it needs to be neat and clean. You'll also want to be handy with power tools and landscaping equipment.

As I said, I've been an independent contractor for several years now. It is an easy way to make money as long as you are willing to work a lot of hours. Now I've made a good living and I really like what I do. I've traveled throughout the U.S. I've been to the islands, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and other places and I've worked for other contractors before I became my own. I had the knowledge and skills to get work right off the bat.

If you decide to become a contractor, look for a contractor association to get started. Make sure they will pay you on time and there will be a way to get paid if your job is done or not. You can also look for websites that will allow you to submit jobs and you can be paid for them as well. If you're in need of landscaping services, there are websites out there for you. If you decide to become an independent contractor, I hope that this post helps you out.

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