Quality of fruit for tree size

Quality of fruit for tree size

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Quality of fruit for tree size." Does this mean you should have 2 bananas on your site for the first time? No, it means something like "Quality of the fruit for the tree size"

However I would not ever consider bananas to be a basis for determining hardiness. You can have really good fruit on trees that are not hardy.


It means that it is intended to help a smaller, hardier (or seedling) tree survive the winter without heating. An example might be a commercial pear tree.

It probably also means that you can grow it in a colder location than a plainer fruit. Examples:

Apples: is most easily grown outside, apples are generally at least an insulator. If you keep the fruit inside then you need to provide heat for a long time and the heat requirements change with the time of year.

Pears: they can be grown outside all year round but they do better in a colder climate. If you try growing them outside in Sydney you need to be prepared for having to bring them in during winter. You also need a long period of heat during winter so a milder fruit will survive better, even inside. The kind of warmth your fruit receives will be "custom-made" depending on the time of year. In other words, don't bother, even if your site is reasonably frost free.

Other: There are a number of fruit which need a warmer climate and will only grow in a warmer climate. (Melons, for example)

You should use the criterion 'either cold hardiness or other fruit' if you are unsure which to use.

This graph might help you.

'Local Government Districts with Fruit Cultivation in 2017':

This is from Agriculture Victoria, and unfortunately there is no link to the PDF of the original.

But in general,

you should be concerned with either hardiness or other fruit,

you should be concerned with only one other fruit,

you should be concerned with cold hardiness,

you should be concerned with summer heat and frosts (or cold hardiness).

you should be concerned with fusarium-tainted fruit.

The example of the pear shows that you can't simply use hardiness for all fruit. You should base your selections on what your site will grow well.

Which means, that you need to study your site's climate, which is almost impossible to do from your question, given that it doesn't specify a region or a latitude.

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