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Thievon horticultural

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Thievon horticulturalist

The Thievon horticulturalist is a cultivar of common garden rose. The Thievon has yellow flowers, and it grows in the full sun and hot climates of the South of France and Europe. The Thievon horticulturalist (TH) comes from South of France. The original TH, which is a cross between 'Alusian Yellow' and a Rosa 'Emporda', is very difficult to grow. This is why the TH is not as popular as other roses, even in its home country.

Flowers and description

The TH has double or semi-double flowers, with a long stem, up to 60 ,cm, sometimes more. The TH is a cheerful plant, with lots of flowers and beautiful color. It is good in containers or in the garden. TH can grow in full sun and a hot climate. It is a very cold hardy rose (F- Zone 7). The TH is one of the most well-known French roses.


The TH is relatively new, although it's been bred for a long time. The TH was found in the garden of Michel Chaperoux, who was a rose breeder. Michel Chaperoux found the TH while he was visiting the rose garden of his friend, Théobald Thirimont. In 1935, Chaperoux took Thirimont's roses to the Institut Agricole, and created the 'Rosa Chaperoux no. 3'. In 1938, Chaperoux registered the name, and created the TH. There are some more roses named after Chaperoux, including Rosa Chaperoux no. 6.

Breeding and genetics

The TH has been bred to be more resistant to disease. It is an autonym, meaning it is self-fertile. The TH can be grown as a hybrid tea, although the TH is also used in garden cultivars. In a hybrid tea, the color comes from the genes. The flowers are darker red or maroon, and the TH has been crossed with other roses, and also with other teas. It is a double (doubled) hybrid tea with genes from the parents, Michel Chaperoux, 'Mme. Chaperoux', and Rosa Mundi. The TH has a lot of variation, and is a very popular rose. In the garden, it has dark red flowers on long, drooping branches. It has a wonderful fragrance. The variety 'Superba', or 'Superba Rosa' has been selected by growers because it has better performance in climates where roses don't normally do well. 'Superba' grows longer and can be harvested more times, compared to other varieties.


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