Green lloydiella aquarium plant care

Green lloydiella aquarium plant care

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Green lloydiella aquarium plant care guide _Large_ **dinosaurus** is ideally suited to larger aquariums. Both genera have an upright growth habit. Collect baby plants for four to five weeks, after which they should be large enough to be transplanted into the aquarium. Large _Athyrium_ is perfect for larger tanks, as its foliage needs little space to grow.

**Listing of aquarium plants**

_Dinoflagellate_ **diatoms**

_Elachistochira alpestris_

_Elachistochira crispa_

_Elachistochira fimbriata_

_Elachistochira serpens_

_Leptocylindrus danicus_

_Leptocylindrus danicus var. australis_

_Lycopodium clavatum_

_Odontellina compacta_

_Pseudostaurodesmus tuberculatus_

_Staurodesmus decipiens_

_Staurodesmus riddlei_

_Triclymenia asterophylla_


_Adiantum_ **vulgare**

_Adiantum_ **flammeum**

_Calicotome villosa_

_Catabrothallus amplifolius_

_Catabrothallus clavatus_

_Catabrothallus decipiens_

_Catabrothallus latifolius_

_Catabrothallus maculatus_

_Catabrothallus rhodopterus_

_Catabrothallus villosus_

_Catabrothallus virginicus_

_Catabrothallus watsoni_

_Ceterach officinalis_

_Dumortiera hirsuta_

_Dumortiera hirsuta var. elongata_

_Dumortiera hirsuta var. major_

_Dumortiera hirsuta var. stenophylla_

_Dumortiera patagonica_

_Dumortiera stenophylla_

_Pulmonaria_ **aristata**

_Pulmonaria carrud

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