Top 10 plants to grow indoors

Top 10 plants to grow indoors

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Australian House and Garden. Indoor plants add warmth, colour and life to our homes. Where space is tight look for trailing plants to spill over the edge of shelves, benches or even drip from hanging baskets suspended from the ceiling. The only requirement for good growth for most indoor plants is that the plant receives bright light for most of the day but is out of direct sunlight and cold draughts.

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The 6 best indoor plants and how to care for them

We gathered the best indoor plants that are low maintenance so you can choose the one that is best for you. Some plants require more attention than others. Keep reading to find ten of those low-maintenance plants for your home! Indoor plants have plenty of benefits to bring to your home. You might want to consider having at least one plant in each room. The main benefit of indoor plants is that they convert carbon dioxide into Oxygen. Your air will be fresher and richer in Oxygen as the toxins become fewer thanks to your indoor plants that also get rid of different pollutants.

This is an excellent reason to have at least one plant in your office as well, not just in your home. These plants can add a terrific aesthetic benefit to your space. You can choose different indoor plants that add beauty to your space and give it a fresh vibe. You will be impressed by the variety of indoor plants you can find on the market. Some create unique flowers, while others are easily noticeable thanks to their leaves. Having a plant close to you can make you feel better and more optimistic.

They reduce stress levels and help increase concentration levels at the same time. The first indoor plant on our list is the snake plant. It is a popular indoor plant that will compliment your home or office perfectly. This plant has an attractive pattern on its leaves that grow vertically. All you will see are the leaves that sprout from the roots that are underground.

When they reach maturity, these leaves get darker in color, and they get to 70 cm long as well as 5 to 6 cm wide. The Snake plant is an evergreen perennial plant from the family Asparagaceae, found most often in Africa. Until , the name of this plant was Sansevieria trifasciata. This plant can get as high as 2. There are strains of snake plants, especially those that grow outdoors, that can even reach up to 6ft 2m in height.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance plant to grow inside your house, the snake plant might be one of the best options for you.

Even if the snake plant is a low maintenance one, it will bring plenty of benefits to your home. This plant emanates enough Oxygen to purify the air in your room, and it is known for relieving stress. This plant will offer you more Oxygen than others, but it can also reduce the toxins in the air. These plants thrive in tropical and sub-tropical climates such as Asia, Europe, and Africa.

However, there are about 70 strains of snake plants, and nowadays, you can find some of them all over the world since they adapt so well to different conditions. The ponytail palm plant looks just like its name suggests. It has the structure of a palm with thin, green leaves that hang down around its stem.

Since it only comes in green color, I will look great in all types of backgrounds, from a home one to an office. This plant is a perennial evergreen one which means that it can live more than two years. It can last more than 15 years in an apartment in rough conditions. There were ponytail palm plants that survived over years in Mexico. After the first ten years, these plants can create beautiful white flowers that make them even prettier for your home.

The ponytail palm plant can reach impressive heights of 15 ft and 6 inches 4. However, if you have a plant of these indoors, you can trim its leaves to not take so much space. Different variations of this plant will not grow as tall as those you see outdoors. It needs water, but if you forget to water it a day and even more, it will not die. Because it is a succulent plant, it will retain the water to use later, so it will take a long time to die of thirst. Plus, it looks beautiful in any room you decide to put it in.

Taking care of these plants is not complicated at all. They can thrive in both direct sunlight or shade, and they are ideal for indoor plants. It is important not to over-water them because they can become infested with insects.

These plants can live up to three weeks without water. Check the soil of your plant and only water when it is dry. Another important aspect is to keep its roots intact as you relocate it to a new pot. Besides the beauty of ponytail palm plants, you will also enjoy the fresh air they offer to your environment. Since they are not toxic, you can have them in your home even if you have pets. They are easy to maintain and can last a long time even in less than optimal conditions.

You can find ponytail palm plants in regions with temperate climates. If you are looking for a plant that looks joyful and brings life to your home while it is low maintenance, the ZZ plant is your choice. These plants have no stems above the surface of the soil, and they have evergreen leaves. Their branches can reach between 45 to 60 cm tall orThe color of these leaves is usually dark green and has a smooth and shiny look.

This plant is a tropical perennial from Africa that belongs to the Araceae family. The Zamioculcas zamiifolia is the only species in this family, though, and it originates in Eastern Africa. You will find it under different names such as Zanzibar gem, Zuzu plant, ZZ plant, or emerald palm. This plant will not grow very tall, but it will thrive enough to add some life to your home. The conditions they grow in are also necessary. The ZZ plant is easy to grow in many conditions, so it is suitable for busy people.

This plant can survive several months without water and in low light conditions. You can place it in the corner of your room and forget about it, and it will not die. It is easy to maintain, but it also brings a great aesthetic advantage to your home. It takes nothing to maintain a ZZ plant thriving.

Besides the fact that you will have to water it rarely, it can survive almost any light conditions. All you have to be careful is not to place her in an environment with temperatures lower than 15 degrees C or 59 degrees F as it might not make it. The main benefit of a ZZ plant inside your house is that it can reduce and even remove the Toluene and Xylene from your air to breathe a better air quality.

But it will also embellish your space and help you reduce stress if you have it in your office. You can find this plant originated in Africa, but it is grown worldwide nowadays. So, any region with this climate will support the ZZ plant and allow it to thrive. English Ivy is a more popular plant that can be great for both indoor and outdoor growing.

The clinging vine of this plant will dress your walls in lovely green leaves. It is a great decorative plant, and it will not lose its green beauty even without any type of maintenance. This flowering plant comes from the Araliaceae family, and it is an evergreen vine. You will find it growing naturally on walls and on trees, fences, and in gardens.

You will find it under names such as Hedera acuta, Hedera grandifolia, Hedera Arborea. This plant will climb as tall or as high as the support it is attached to is.

If you set it up on the wall, it will grow along with the height and surface of the wall. Left uncut or trimmed, this plant can reach 20 to 30 m or 66 to 98 ft. First of all, this plant will be extremely easy to grow. All you need is to plant it in a proper pot or basket and let it take off around the walls of your room. It will thrive in all types of light, although it will prefer medium and bright levels.

This plant needs medium or bright light to thrive. You can water it once you notice the soil is dry. Trimming might be necessary depending on the direction the ivy plant grown into. English Ivy can offer you some welcome cooling atmosphere during summer days if you grow it indoors. They look beautiful and are low maintenance, so you get to enjoy them with no stress. Also, during winter, this plant can offer a level of insulation to your home.

The plant itself has some excellent properties for our health. It is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiarthritic plant. You can find these plants mainly in cooler climates such as central and northern Europe.

There are several species of Ivy plants, though, and some of them will withstand cooler temperatures. You will fall in love with this plant as soon as you see it and find out how easy it is to maintain. It is small in size with thick green leaves, and it has white flowers. The leaves are leathery and look like small cups, which compliments the name of the plant beautifully.

This plant comes from the family Piperaceae, and it is a beautiful flowering plant. It is a perennial evergreen plant that can embellish your home or office for many years to come.

10 Indoor Plants That You Can Grow in Your House Right Now!

Does your green thumb turn to stone when it comes to growing plants indoors? And some indoor plants are tough enough to survive just about anywhere. Selecting a plant with light requirements that match the location can be one of the most important factors in the success—or failure—of growing a healthy plant. One of the easiest houseplants to grow. This tropical vine comes in a variety of foliage colors and patterns. Pothos can be trimmed and kept compact, allowed to trail from hanging baskets, or trained up vertical supports. Another very easy-to-grow houseplant, similar to pothos.

Green thumb not required · 1. Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia). There are many varieties of the dumb cane plant. · 2. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum). Native.

The 8 Best Indoor Plants For Homes In India

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These are the 15 easiest indoor houseplants (that won't die on you)

A few years back, my nephew told me how drab his office was, and I suggested to him that he try using a spider plant to make his office space look a little more verdant and he was amazed by the results. This is a plant that does not require a lot of light, but it does like humidity, which is why it grows best outdoors in zones 10 throughYou may need to water this plant often and mist the leaves if the humidity in your home is too low. Parlor Palms, which are one of the most popular types of palms grown indoors, are a great option for a space without a lot of sunlight. Though, if you want the little yellow blooms to appear, it will need at least partial sunlight.

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10 Houseplants That Are Hard to Kill

Regardless of if you are into gardening or not, bringing plants into the home has a way of freshening up your space. Luckily, there are several types of houseplants that can fill your home and require little work to keep them alive. Although taking the time to care for a plant can be super rewarding, we understand it's easy to forget to give your plant the TLC it needs. Plants like yucca, ponytail palm and jade love a sunny room while other species like pothos, prayer plants and dracaena prefer shadier areas. If you rather be on the safe side and are looking for a zero-maintenance plant, then artificial plants are for you.

Top 10 Indoor Plants | Kings Plant Barn

Sunlight is prized in Southern California, where many homes and apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows and French doors that allow us to enjoy indoor-outdoor living. But that sunlight can be brutal on tropical houseplants accustomed to shady tree canopies. A Mona Lisa lipstick plant may do well in bright light, but its leaves will burn in direct sun. The essential weekly guide to enjoying the outdoors in Southern California. Insider tips on the best of our beaches, trails, parks, deserts, forests and mountains. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. In the hottest months it may be necessary to move some houseplants out of the sun.

4. Working in peace · 6. Snake plant · 7. An over-frondly fern · 8. Super-powered spider plant · Forever green.

Track your order through my orders. Do your neighbours' borders burgeon with colour, and their containers drip with flowers while yours look brown and crispy? The fact is that some garden plants are easier to grow from seed than others - but your neighbour probably knows that already! Read our list of top 10 easy to grow garden plants and discover the secret to a hassle-free, flower-filled summer garden.

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Before we get started, let's address an uncomfortable truth: there is no such thing as an indoor plant. The combination of dry, still air, irregular watering and limited light isn't something any plants are naturally suited to. Simply put, they all prefer to live outdoors. But some tough plants are more tolerant of these unnatural conditions and make a great choice for beginners, those who are forgetful, or to boost the confidence of "black thumbs". While Jason is an expert with literally hundreds of plants in his home, he grows a lot of these "easy" plants himself, which he calls "icebreakers". Despite being tried-and-tested old favourites, these beauties can still strut their stuff on Instagram and look fabulous.

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Beautiful, healthy houseplants are the perfect way to fill your home with life and color. Whether you want just a few or have a houseplant jungle in mind, you can learn how to grow and take care of indoor plants successfully. These simple steps can put you on track for thriving indoor plants and houseplant happiness:. A flourishing "jungalow" starts with healthy plants. Always buy from plant vendors you know and trust. Be discriminating when choosing new plants.

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