Nybg intro to landscape design

Nybg intro to landscape design

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Nybg intro to landscape design of Bønna Baer - Don't mistake this Vibe for an Dizzy!

Nybg with a long established reputation in photography based around inspiring, groundbreaking, creative, fresh and innovative images.

A true master of his at Nybg we provide great service and support for our customers and only shoot if we love the shot..all shooting is on location, with great communication and the right mindset. Nybg has an unwavering passion for the inspirational stories and characters which shape our lives.

This Nybg portraiture and landscape work on location in the special featured in the Nybg Inspirational Portrait &, Landscape Shoot special on Flickr

Coming off the successful first 'Inspirational portrait &, Landscape Shoot' Nybg's changed their approach to creating stunning visual stories and custom made imagery for other events. Each shoot is meticulously crafted, memorable and one of a kind.

The Image above is a sample image and to see a lot more portfolio of images visit Nybg at

Nybg now in production. Enjoy some of our sample images or set a date and visit Nybg at:

This post is one of many and has been inspired by another lovely Nybg lady Darlene. I work with, learn from, admire and all too often find myself influenced by brilliant women with innovative and creative ways of seeing and capturing the world.

'Birth is life and death' ~Heimweh'Friends give us new places to discover...the very early bird may get the worm' ~Tilda Swinton~Of all the things you can do in your life, it's your life and you should do them as well as you possibly can. ~John Keats~The days, the years come and go, the days are few, not many.

What we live is the only thing that is real. ~Marcel Proust

All images above from the Sampler pack. If interested in buying one of these special packs then please call or email me for more information and pricing.


Set 6 - 4×6 15mm

Set 1 - 7×7 16mm

Set 4 - 8×10 - 16mm

Set 5 - 5×7.

Spring Leggings

Join me for your journey... you are welcome. :)

Good Morning! I've been in the midst of new shoots lately with new projects ahead. Today is a public holiday here in New Zealand and I thought I'd share some insights from one of my Inspirational shoots. It took me a little while to get the color to really pop and reach for the gold and I kept adding variations and not always the right image.

I wanted to show you how to use a tonal matrix in your camera settings and edit in Photoshop.

This was a great image that I always knew would come out beautifully. Sometimes though we can get hung up on one element, rather than focusing on the image as a whole and how it affects us in a more important way. All we are is a vessel for the story.

Many places on earth are special places where one can encounter true beauty. Perhaps you may find yourself visiting a town, or nearby country, where the colors or the composition are so stunning that you are completely knocked back. In these kind of places, we begin to experience our spirits within us begin to light up and breathe. We feel our journey is about to begin.

A part of me is surprised by the fact that the world has actually been like this for a very long time.

Today we will look at some new color tones and all of them are inspiring. Some are vivid, vibrant and fresh and others are extremely soft and gentle.

During the shoot I did encounter some challenges with one particular new technique and that's why it took me a while to go through the images and show you some of them. There are some really lovely shots and there is more to see below.

You can see the full range of images under the title The 18 Sampler

Its a journey I am happy to be on. I hope that you too will have the opportunity to find some beauty and marvel along the way.

Also I'd love it if you liked the image above and purchased the basic collection. I can then ensure that I can share the kind of digital sampler art I create with you in the future.

Take a moment now and enjoy the image above and I hope you'll share your journeys too. I love it when others share their inspiration.

Stay inspired,


"Nature gives but a few examples of grandeur, yet all the rest derive from them and are inferior.” - Alexander Pope

All images above are originals by Nybg Photography and are watermarked with Nybg Photography. All imagery at Nybg are copyright.

I can't imagine how you find the time or how you get inspiration. And yet, what you create is magic and the photos I see are so beautiful, beautiful. Do you have a day job, too? Otherwise I'm sure you have a super creative job. It's no wonder I do like looking at your stuff. Looking at your photos now.

Thank you for sharing and your blog is very inspiring. It's like having another artist you love with you always. :)

I've never really thought about editing the day before I take the photo. As the day has gone by, I've just noticed how I feel about the shot I've just taken and have added things to it to try and make the experience more cohesive with my understanding of the emotion or character I have. It seems to be a very intuitive way to approach it.

Your images are stunning. Your gift with words in your blog is also unique and inspiring!

Thanks for visiting. :)

Every day, when I visit my studio, I try to spend a little time walking through and looking at the work I have done the day before. I like to remind myself of the picture in my head. It helps me focus on the experience.

You are a true Artist

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