Landscape design ideas ontario

Landscape design ideas ontario

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Investment in landscaping is a smart move. But many property owners go to effort and expense, then find themselves wishing they had started with a plan. Two common ways to do a plan — DIY do-it-yourself or hire a professional to do a plan for you. Like any other home improvement project — hiring a team of professionals often makes the most sense. Just like with professional designers who would design a kitchen or a bathroom for you — a professional landscape design team will not only understand the creative parts of design — but also be intimate with plants, hardscape, property values, and issues with your specific site.

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7 Commercial Landscape Design Ideas for Your Business

At Royal City Nursery, we do a lot of landscaping projects and my favourite part is helping customers express themselves in an outdoor space. Both BLAs and horticulture professors at Humber College in Toronto, my husband Dave and I have been doing landscaping in the Guelph and Cambridge region for decades now, and we always start with an initial consultation. If we start our initial consultation while the snow is hopefully! Backyard landscaping is often a big project that takes substantial time.

If we can agree on a plan now, we can get cracking as soon as spring hits and aim for a finish date that still gives you time to enjoy the results. These yard design ideas are meant for inspiration to help you picture the ideal version of your property.

Depending on the conditions of your space, the scale and materials of these fixtures may be radically different. Though, in my opinion, half the fun is watching an idea evolve into something totally custom-built for you.

Here are a few landscaping ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are working with acres and acres or a parcel of land the size of a postage stamp, function should always drive your design.

A multi-function table and chairs is the most versatile thing you can place in a small space. For something like this, we would hardscape with flat, uniform pavers and add an appropriately-sized outdoor dining set.

Then, we would surround the perimeter of the yard with inset garden beds and container gardens to add height. We might even add an umbrella and overhanging bistro lights to add to the warm, cozy vibe. Water Wall — If you thought having an itty bitty backyard meant you have no room for a water feature, think again!

Water walls are, obviously, wall-shaped and can be placed against a fence or left free-standing as a divider between areas of the backyard. For instance, a water wall could be placed between a small patio and a plot of green space to create multiple spaces within the property, which makes the yard seem larger. Hot Tub Deck — If you have a hot tub or want to install one, it probably needs to take up a sizable chunk of your backyard space. A freestanding hot tub in a tiny yard can look awkward, but if you devote the entire yard to creating an outdoor spa, it looks just right.

Building decking around the spa makes it safer to climb in and out, and an adjacent patio is perfect for lounge chairs or conversation sets. Built-in planters complement the look with doses of greenery that follow the flow of the space.

Since most pools are built in a basic rectangle, the blocky lines play with the pool shape instead of fighting it. You can easily incorporate upscale features, like an outdoor shower or sauna that follow this theme. Plus, the rock gardens are perfect for those who are into low-maintenance luxury. Building a waterfall into an existing slope looks the most natural, but they can also be built—along with a babbling brook and footbridge to match.

Waterfalls are magnets for wildlife and are truly the crown jewel in any large yard. You pull out the pizza as soon as you can smell that perfect crust, then reach over to your built-in herb planter to pluck off some fresh basil leaves. As the pizza cools, you reach below into the built-in wine cellar and pull out a bottle of Chianti to serve with the meal. Can you think of a more perfect evening?

Natural Stone Patio — If you have some space to play with, textured stone pavers add a tonne of character to the landscape. I especially like the look of a pathway in a matching stone material that leads to a larger stone patio and matching retaining walls.

There are a million ways to execute stone patio designs, but my view is that they look best when they highlight the existing features of the property, like shade trees or an L-shaped corner.

Pergola Garden — This concept combines well with rock patio designs. Pergolas have a way of making people want to stay for hours, and nothing dresses them up better than climbing vines, like Virginia creeper and trumpet vine. Larger yards are an ideal fit for pergolas as they have enough room for the structure not to overwhelm the space. Surround the pergola with perennials, flowering shrubs, and hanging planters to create a relaxing, colourful escape.

With all this said, the best part about designing a landscape is that there are limitless ways to do it! Receive garden tips, landscaping advice and more delivered right to your inbox.

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How to break into landscape design in Ontario

With 44 years of exceptional landscaping services in Calgary, the experience we provide is second to none. Our extensive experience brings creativity with ideas and design, then our skilled in-house teams and equipment bring the ideas to reality. Transforming your yard into a beautiful and enjoyable outdoor living space is what we do best. Our designs integrate peaceful views from common sitting locations as well as focus on privacy, low maintenance and functionality. We will create a custom design for you based on our conversations and meetings and construct an outdoor living space that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. We take care of our customers and provide guarantees to ensure your investment will be done right.

Landscape design has two basic components known as softscape and hardscape. When used together, these fundamental parts create a front yard or backyard that is.

40 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping Ideas: #27 is Too Easy!

Extend the pleasure of your yard with these late-season garden plans. Use these free garden plans and designs to turn your yard into a beautiful place to play, relax, and entertain. Whether you have a small space or expansive property, these plans will help you create gorgeous gardens you'll love spending time in. Most Recent pale gray home exterior with black shutters and wood front door. Raised Beds and metal watering can. See what vegetables to plant together for best results! Try one of these colorful designs! Easy-Care Summer Garden Plan.

10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Canada

We are proud to have you among the more than 2. Here are just a few timely items for the season. Click here to see more.. Reg

We know that you and your property are unique, so we listen carefully.

Garden Gate

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We're your landscape design & construction experts.

At Sheridan Nurseries, we offer project management services to bring together trained landscape design and construction professionals who can assist you in increasing the curb appeal of your home, creating a unique garden or planning and installing a complete outdoor living space. Our team will coordinate the process of matching you with a Sheridan approved independent designer to plan out your project. Once your designs are complete we will pair an appropriate independent installation service provider to execute your approved plan. We will also work with the designer and installer to coordinate your plant and product order through one of our garden centres. You can be sure that we stand by the professionals that we recommend to take away the stress of finding reliable contractors for your landscape project. We also offer several do-it-yourself options including templated designs and virtual design services.

POOL LANDSCAPE DESIGN IDEAS The options are endless when it comes to designing your poolscape paradise. Evergreen Landscapes can install stone.

Popular Softscape Landscaping Ideas For Ontario Homeowners

Our team of professional installers will make your. We pride ourselves on our professional image. In every project — large or small — we work toward mature,. Whether your needs are personal or professional, our team at Western Landscaping is more than prepared to bring beauty to your door step.

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At Partridge, we pride ourselves on our ability to make the design and build process of your landscape project an enjoyable and streamlined experience. It all starts with a meeting with one of our senior landscape designers. From there, our highly knowledgeable team will work with you, at every step of the process, to create a landscape that expresses your individuality. Our landscape designs are thoughtful, sophisticated, and attain the highest quality standards in the industry. When Partridge designs your landscape, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Industry experts say there's an "extreme" shortage of workers and a wide variety of opportunities for new graduates.

The options are endless when it comes to designing your poolscape paradise. Evergreen Landscapes can install stone pathways, armourstone, boulders, and wooden structures to elevate your pool from fun to fantastic. We can even add elegant poolscape lighting to enhance the beauty of your backyard at night. Furthermore, beautiful water features or waterfalls can be extended into your pool for a stunning view at all times of the day. Evergreen Landscapes not only designs landscapes, we build and install wooden structures such as cabanas, pergolas, pool houses and arbours. We merge form with function, making any wooden structure blend in seamlessly with your property. Our custom-built pool houses, pergolas and cabanas offer an incredible amount of function to your outdoor landscape as they will offer you a place to change, take shelter from the hot sun, and store your pool supplies.

Projects the perfect getaway, reinvented by cedar springs. Lakefront Luxury. This modern home deserved a landscape that reflected the contemporary and unique style found in both the interior and exterior finishes. Residential Resort.