Indoor house plant key

Indoor house plant key

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Indoor house plant key


My house plants have enjoyed the daylight in my lounge room all year. The most popular one, even though it doesn't bloom, is pothos. But the coolest thing I have is a tiny sun loving little cactus. I got mine for about $12 a couple of years ago.

My plants grow in every room of the house, although they prefer the warmer rooms - the conservatory and my lounge room. But they love the front room, being near the sun and receiving lots of natural light. It is so peaceful to come home to these plants and, as the mornings are quiet, the plants get loads of attention too. They all look like they are ready to burst with their blooms.

Every so often my garden buddy Vera emails me to let me know that her plants are 'playing up'. I wonder if the indoor plants are not in exactly the same position as Vera's outside ones? 'Are you watering them or do they just get water on the tray?' I have just about concluded that I need to be more vigilant with the inside ones.

My little garden friend went through several changes in her growth phase. The first time she was only a metre tall, but is now around 2.5 metres (8 feet). I am always happy to find them growing so quickly.

A couple of months ago I watered the plants that I had been neglecting. One, a green ivy, did not survive. Although not flowering, it had clambered up my bookshelf so it must have been very happy to get a drink. But my little cactus has been growing through the soil in my lounge room window. I knew it could take the heat, but had not realised that it would grow quite so rapidly.

My cactus has grown a bit and it now leans precariously out the window. It has just about cracked the glass and this seems to have unsettled it. It has changed shape and grown a new, larger leaf than before. I'm not sure if it is ready to flower. It is not blooming yet, but I wonder if this new leaf is part of the process. I'm sure the cactus is in no hurry to do anything.

However, now I have put the window back in the way it was, the cactus has grown up in the soil and seems to be more stable.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a spider weaving her web in the sand beneath my outdoor plant. I often find these small spiders over my other plants, but this is the first time I have seen one near a cactus.

At first, I just moved my cactus to the house side of the screen to protect it from the spider. But then I noticed that the spider had managed to attach herself to my cactus.

Not knowing what was going on, I just watched as she caught a tiny insect, which she killed in a rather unusual way. This is so strange to watch. But it's not the only one who has come to admire the plant. A little white butterfly has been flitting around.

It is not a moth, it is smaller and is about the size of a one pence coin. It looks for all the world like a sunflower-feeding white butterfly. I know that it has lived at the North Pole. This one has certainly found a happy home here in Perth and is in the cactus's temperature range.

Like the spider, it is also about a quarter of an inch long and has a yellow body. But instead of being flat, it is heart-shaped with a bell at one end. It has tiny red spots on its body.

When the spider and butterfly die, I don't think they ever return to the Earth. And neither do my white butterfly friends. I suppose it is possible to let a soul go to meet its Creator but I just do not know how to handle this one.

Hanging from the lounge room ceiling is a jasmine vine. This particular jasmine has an incredible way of keeping its flowers open. The flowers look like upside-down lotus petals and, I think, look as beautiful as the real lotus does. It is so beautiful that it would look perfect in my living room.

But the thing I like about it is that it has flowered all year and I have been able to enjoy this living piece of art at home.

It makes me think of the beauty and strength of the jasmine flowers that perfumed the room in which the Buddha walked when he visited the Buddha-king. That's the way I see the jasmine and I am thankful to have it hanging around.

Comment by CharlieThis is a beautiful plant. I love the pothos in the house. I grew up with them. My dad loves pothos, and there is nothing better than when he is looking for something or in his thoughts