Freddy's landscaping

Freddy's landscaping

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Freddy's landscaping company posted online a few years ago a sexy ad with the slogan "She's got the Hottest Body on Planet Earth"-- and sure enough, she did.

In 2010, she was voted the world's sexiest woman, and has since attracted legions of admirers, including as many as 80,000 at a single music concert she performed in Australia in 2008. Her female fans have bought millions of dollars' worth of her perfumes, made art inspired by her beauty, dedicated songs to her and been so overawed they have had sexual fantasies about her.

What these devoted fans don't realize is that men, too, have felt the need to get close to Blonde Siren Jessica Alba, who grew up in California. And they've been paying a price for it.

To find out who Jessica really is, I've spent more than six months shadowing the 39-year-old actress and writer, researching a book. And I've found a sexy, complicated, proud, ambitious, fragile, competitive, generous, sometimes angry, sometimes sweet, often funny, star who has overcome personal challenges to become a multimillionaire and movie star.

As a result of the book, I've had to separate two of my closest friends, and my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, in order to do what is required by law-- report what happened to me while I was dating Jessica.

I began documenting my relationship with Jessica in November 2005, when I met her while editing a magazine for a major production company. She was then doing a short movie for a highly regarded director. We worked together on set for six months and then met off set a couple of times a week. In October 2006, we began dating.

During our whirlwind romance, Jessica talked about her upbringing as the only daughter of an engineer and an accountant in a modest house. She said her life was in turmoil until she was 22. At that time, she said, she came to her senses and, starting with the smallest home she could afford, began to focus on growing a business.

"I became obsessed with success, with being smart and strong, with being independent," she told me. "I was such an introvert that I couldn't get out of my own way."

That's when, she told me, she decided to leave college and move to New York to pursue a career in magazines. She came from "an older family, and at a certain point I was afraid I

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