How to make your lime tree bear fruit

How to make your lime tree bear fruit

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How to make your lime tree bear fruit?

Q: I have just completed my garden and planted a couple of Lime Trees.

I am wondering how to make my lime trees bear fruit. I noticed that

even in the shade I have the occasional fruit. Any help or pointers

on how to get it to fruit?


Q: I have been advised by the nursery that the lime tree should have a

3-4 year growing time. I have recently planted 2 1m × 2m x 15cm in the

late February/early March. I noticed that in the 3-4 years of growing

time the tree has no leaves and it just looks like a stump. What should

I do to get this lime tree to produce fruit or should I plant it in a

different location. I have purchased a 10 year guarantee from the



Q: I have a 6 year old, 2.1m x 1.8m x 1.8m (diameter x height x

height) lime tree in my garden. I have fertilised every year in the

spring and the trees look very healthy, healthy and strong. It is now

June and not a single leaf has fallen. However, I noticed that all the

leaves on the tree are covered in lime sap. What should I do?


Q: I live in the North of England, and I've been advised to water

regularly by a lime tree specialist. Do I need to water regularly in

the autumn?


Q: I planted a 5 year old lime tree about a month ago, after the

showers have stopped. It is growing, but no leaves are forming. Is

this normal?


Q: I have planted an unknown lime tree a few weeks ago and it grew

rapidly and the roots are coming up the sides of the container. I

need to plant more as I now have more than the four required. Will

this increase its root spread if more are planted?


Q: Lime trees I have seen in the UK have the trunk wrapped with

leaves. The UK's weather in spring is very cold. I wonder if there

is any problem growing lime trees in cold climates? I am growing one

myself in Ireland.


Q: I bought a lime tree from a local tree nursery and planted it in

June. It only has 6 or 7 leaves now.


Q: I have a 3 year old lime tree and I've been fertilizing in spring

and summer and no leaves have fallen. I usually get about 15 leaves

on a tree at this age. Now in September no leaves have fallen. What

can be the problem?


Q: Will lime trees survive at my lake if I only sprinkle fertilizer



Q: I just bought a 5 year old lime tree (Citrus medica). It has had a

bad case of aphids for about a year. This year I sprayed some insect

pesticide on it. Now there are no aphids and the tree seems fine

other than yellow leaves on the top of the tree. If it is ok to cut

the tree now, will I be ok to plant it in the ground in the spring?


Q: How soon can I prune a lime tree? I know it will grow at least 10



Q: My 3 year old lime tree (Citrus medica) has had a few aphids this

year but I put some insect pesticide on it. Now there is no longer

any aphids. The tree has a large amount of buds, but I noticed that

the new leaves are yellow. Do I need to worry?


Q: When pruning fruit bearing citrus, should one remove all the leaves

on the tree or just the ones below the fruit?


Q: Why does my 3 year old lime tree have so many green leaves on it?


Q: I had a tree service prune my fruit bearing Citrus medica and

they were not sure if I would like the new branches. I like the

changes. I want to know if I should cut them at the green tip or

just the older branches, as they look very green.


Q: I recently purchased a 5 year old citrus tree from a local nursery

and I noticed this year that the new leaves were large and full and

were not dying away like they did last year. I also noticed this year

that there is a light shade. I am using a fertilizer spray and am

adding fertilizer to the planting area and when I prune the tree, I

am removing the lower branches, not the upper branches. Is this okay?

What is the best time to prune my tree? I am in Zone 8.


Q: How can I tell if my 3 year old lime tree is ready to bud?


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Q: How do I control citrus bugs?


Q: I'm looking at an 18 year old citrus tree that is going to need a

major face lift next year. Is there anything I can do now to increase

the fruit production?


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Q: I planted two of your dwarf pomegranate trees and now one tree is having

no fruit. I have been watering the second tree but it is not growing very

well. What happened to the first tree?


Q: How should I fertilize citrus trees?


Q: I just planted some citrus seeds into clay pots in my backyard. I don't

have much experience with citrus growing. I see a new shoot coming up

and I see a few leaves but the pot is not large enough for the plant to

grow to its full size. What should I do?


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