Matthews landscaping

Matthews landscaping

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Matthews landscaping

Matthews landscaping is the art of large-scale landscape design and installation.

Infamous for "Matthews-itis", the practice of excessive and often expensive landscape installation has been around for many decades, reducing the amount of affordable housing in many suburbs and leading to neighborhoods with reduced quality.

Though the practice has been practiced for many years, it was not until the late 20th century that it was institutionalized, with a number of dealers, suppliers and firms establishing their market presence in the profession, such as A.J. Matthews, Matthews Landscape Design, Matthews Landscaping, and others.

The Matthews brothers, Doug and John Matthews, professionally practicing the profession in the early 1900s, invented the automated set-up of large landscapes, now used by the majority of the profession.

Origins of the term "Matthews-itis"

Matthews-itis is a popular curse of the profession. A popular expression often heard in the profession is "My backyard is Matthews-ized."

The Matthews brothers

Dave Matthews, a childhood friend of John Matthews, was the first to apply the name Matthews-itis to the practice of landscape installation. Matthews developed the first fully automated landscape installation machine, which is still in production. John Matthews pioneered the design, marketing and installation of the Matthews machines.

"Matthews-itis" is the practice of excessive and often expensive landscape installation.

The first Matthews installation machine

In 1921, John Matthews received a first patent for an "automatic landscape apparatus". This machine was the beginning of landscape installation automation and the Matthews-itis curse.

The first Matthews landscape installation machine was designed by John Matthews. While working at the Weed Research Laboratory, Matthews became acutely aware of the laborious process of creating artificial-looking vegetation. He felt that an automated system could lower the cost of creating complete landscapes. In 1921, Matthews built the first prototype, which he called the "Automatic Landscape Apparatus". The machine is now widely used in the world of landscape installation today.

Though not the first automated landscape installation machine, Matthews has been credited with developing the first truly automated landscape installation system, which is still in use today. William P. Jones designed the first automated landscape installation machine, now widely known by the acronym A.J.M. III for the automatic landscape installation machine III in 1963.

The Weed Research Laboratory

Pursuing his interest in the design and automation of landscape installation, Matthews left his position at the Weed Research Laboratory and concentrated on his automating project.

In 1956, Matthews established the Weed Research Laboratory in the basement of his home south of Chicago. The Weed Research Laboratory became a temporary manufacturing and research and development facility. It was there that he developed the first Matthews machines and tested them on his lawn, which he had kept since he was a boy.

First Matthews machine

Though John Matthews designed a number of landscape installation machines over the years, the first was the first production-model machine. This model was initially called the "Automatic Landscape Apparatus" (ALA).

A description of the original machine, published in the Illustrated Magazine of Horticulture, provides the following description:

The design of the machine made it possible to build a complete landscape in as little as one day. It moved a blade in a circular pattern, cutting a single line that was accurately repeated each and every time.

Matthews continued to develop machines and to test and refine them on his backyard lawn. The process of developing the first machines was a long, difficult, and very expensive process.

John Matthews was not content with the initial ALA machine. He continued to develop it. He could no longer afford to maintain the lawn in his front yard, so he had to make a decision about the future of the project. In 1963, he sold the machine to William P. Jones, who renamed it "A.J.M. III" and continued to improve it.

In the early 1960s, the first Matthews automated landscape installation system was developed. Chances are, if you own a beautiful backyard, you probably own at least one of the machines that created the landscape.

The early machines were often based on the innovations of John Matthews. The first device, "A.J.M. III", was developed by William P. Jones and John Matthews. This machine was the first truly automated landscape installation. It was developed in 1963. The machine was designed to install evenly distributed and perfectly aligned vegetation.

Matthews machines today

Matthews machines are manufactured by five manufacturers: A.J. Matthews and Sons, Inc., Infiniti Landscapes, Inc., Matthews Landscape Design, Inc., Matthews Landscaping, Inc., and Landscape Installation Systems Inc.

Infiniti Landscapes, Inc.

Infiniti Landscapes, Inc. was established in 1969 as a manufacturing facility and sales and service center for the Matthews machines. However, the company has moved away from the production of large-scale landscape equipment and now concentrates on contract landscaping. Infiniti manufactures the Matthews Landscaping Machinery, a mechanical system for the installation of shrubs and trees, and the Landscape Installation Systems, a hydraulic and pneumatic system for the installation of shrubs and trees.

Matthews Landscaping

Matthews Landscaping was established in 1969 as a manufacturing facility and sales and service center for the Matthews machines. Matthews Landscaping is a manufacturer of Matthews Landscape Machinery, Matthews Landscaping Machinery for shrubs and trees, and Matthews Landscape Equipment for the installation of lawns, shrubs, and trees.

Matthews Landscaping is now a subsidiary of Landscape Installation Systems Inc. (formerly, and now, Infiniti Landscapes).

Landscape Installation Systems, Inc.

Landscape Installation Systems, Inc. (LIS) was established in 1969 as a manufacturing facility and sales and service center for the Matthews machines. LIS manufactures the Landscape Equipment Division, which includes the Matthews Lawn Equipment, Matthews Prescription Lawn Equipment, and Matthews

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