Driveway landscape lighting

Driveway landscape lighting

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We are a manufacturer of premium landscape lighting fixtures for homes, landscapes, architecture, gardens , decks, fences, water features, waterfront, and outdoor areas. With more than 25 years of experience in designing customized outdoor lighting plans for home and commercial projects of all sizes and budgets, we specialize in lighting and highlighting the great outdoors with expert landscape lighting design. Designed and built Minnesota tough! High quality and durable lighting for all your landscape lighting needs. We also have a team of trained landscape lighting designers and installers ready to take your yard to the next level. From deck lights to path lights and garden lights to security lights, our clean and green landscape lights and lighting fixtures are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

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  • Driveway Pillar Lights
  • How to Creatively Light Up Your Driveway (4 Amazing Ideas)
  • Outdoor Lights, Garden Lighting, Patio, Driveway and Entrance Lights
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Looking for Ideas For Lighting at base of 300' long driveway

Until further notice our Showroom is open by appointment only. We continue to provide regional site visit services throughout Wisconsin and Chicagoland.

Our experienced national sales team remains available to assist customer s with virtual consultations via Email and Phone. Driveway pillar lights provide a decorative and functional outdoor lighting solution for any home.

These durably constructed solid brass lights create curb appeal and welcoming driveway entrances. Our extensive collection of lantern pier lights mean there is something for every style home. All Brass Light Gallery pier lights are made by hand in America. Designer lighting doesn't just illuminate a room; it enriches lives and inspires guests. That's why our lights are built to enlighten and excite. Take a look at our work and see how Brass Light Gallery crafts remarkable lighting for every space.

Thank you, your message has been submitted. An error occurred while submitting your message, please refresh the page and try again. Sign me up. An important message from the Brass Light Gallery family. Pier LightsLanternsLantern 16" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Full Details. Lantern 10" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Lantern 15" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Lantern 6" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Lantern 18" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Lantern 11" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Lantern 12" Wide Exterior Pier Light.

Lantern 8" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Lantern 14" Wide Exterior Pier Light. Classic Pillar Lights for Driveways Driveway pillar lights provide a decorative and functional outdoor lighting solution for any home. Contact Brass Light Gallery. We build to suit and custom design one-of-a-kind lighting. Related Categories Exterior Lighting. Find Your Inspiration Designer lighting doesn't just illuminate a room; it enriches lives and inspires guests. Jun 30,I have an older fixture no longer produced by Brass Light Gallery.

Angie and the team were extremely helpful in identifying and producing the replacement lost parts to get my fixture up and functioning again. They did this all remotely and shipped the parts promptly. Highly recommend! May 14,Brass Light Gallery is such an amazing resource: they can build your lighting dream.

Angela in the sales room was just the best: listened carefully to what we were trying to accomplish and guided us through the process. We are so pleased! Mar 17,I loved Janel who assisted me. She was professional and friendly and super competent.

Love my fixture! Feb 22,Always a fantastic experience with Brass Light Gallery. Their customer service goes above and beyond and their products are of the highest quality.

It is great to support true artisans that create timeless and beautiful light fixtures that are made to last multiple generations. While certainly on the high end price-wise, their fixtures are well worth the investment. Jan 22,Simply beautiful!! We are beyond impressed with the quality of these lovely fixtures and beyond impressed with the sales help from Janel. Janel was outstanding to work with! She took the time to understand that we wanted to modernize our 25 year old home with updated lighting.

She asked about style, dimensions, pictures and layout information and helped us pick out coordinated fixtures for all rooms. Honest, very helpful but no pressure felt. We ordered 14 beautifully modern fixtures for the main level of our home. We live in MN and the lights came very well packaged and cared for.

Our local electrician found installation easy and intuitive and commented many times on how high quality these fixtures were. Am already planning the next lights we would like to update. We will definitely be ordering from brass light gallery again. Thank you Janel!!

Driveway Pillar Lights

Path lights and ground lights are excellent for establishing a perimeter and increasing visibility at night for parking and walking. Exterior wall lights and ceiling lights are other ways to brighten the driveway, while saving on space. If you are looking for some inspiration to spruce up your outdoor lighting, take a look at these driveway lighting ideas for the contemporary home. Driveway lighting can be bold and edgy—you just have to look for the right design. Try bollard lights that are low to the ground with geometric patterns, such as horizontal slots on both sides. The contemporary design of your driveway lights will introduction your zest for the modern.

Transform your garden or driveway with high-quality bespoke outdoor lighting. Contact our Outdoor Lighting Electricians to find out more.

How to Creatively Light Up Your Driveway (4 Amazing Ideas)

The driveway to a property is an opportunity to create a great first impression, and carefully selected lighting can make all the difference. Not only can lighting help guide a driver into a space, it can also act as an important safety and security measure. In addition to this extra peace of mind, a driveway can exude sophisticated charm through well chosen lighting. At Asbac we have driveway lighting solutions to fit all applications, whether it be for a hotel, restaurant, hospital or a home. Ground Lights. Recessed ground lights are a popular choice for driveway lighting. With their simplicity in design, such lights are unobtrusive and therefore ideal for a subtle but stylish arrival experience. The number you choose to use in your project depends on the driveway length, and also whether there are any particularly interesting landscaping features you wish to draw attention to. Position is also important in the avoidance of unwanted glare, which could affect visibility.

Outdoor Lights, Garden Lighting, Patio, Driveway and Entrance Lights

Making your road look good while also staying practical can be a challenging task, especially with the countless options available. Luckily, learning how to light your driveway has never been easier! Keeping your driveway illuminated benefits your home and its visitors in a wide variety of ways. Coming home to a well-lit driveway looks good, feels great, and provides a slew of benefits, including:. When you think of an illuminated driveway, you probably think of little lights lining the outlines of your pavement.

Shop our driveway lights online today from Australia's largest lighting range. Our driveway lights range includes LED driveway lights, driveway security lights, recessed driveway lights and more.

9 Driveway Lighting Ideas to Create a Bright Entrance

Driving into a well-lit driveway after a long day can give you a feeling of truly being at home, whilst also helping to reduce the amount of accidents due to poor visibility. Great driveway lighting can also make your home easier to find for new visitors and enhance your beautiful landscape and gardens. The right driveway lights can provide the necessary illumination to make a driveway or pathway, at your home, safer reducing the chances of trips and falls. Having a well-lit driveway or garden can enhance the security of your property and put off potential intruders. By installing lights at the end of your driveway, it will make your home more visible from the street and so much easier to find. If you have a long driveway that sits back from the road, this is your chance to create a great first impression and dramatic impact for your guests.

Driveway Lights for Tampa Bay Area

Long tree-lined driveways are often in need of additional lighting, but even shorter city driveways can often use some sprucing up. Here are some general tips and 4 types of driveway lighting. General Tips Most homeowners, when looking at driveway lighting, are not interested in having their driveway look like an airport runway. To avoid this, stagger lights and space them at further intervals. For security, you want to light up the dark areas of your yard, and subtly add light to pathways for safety.

We are a manufacturer of premium landscape lighting fixtures for homes, landscapes, Whether you're looking to light up your patios, driveways.

How great can a driveway be, right? At this Spanish Colonial home in an Orlando gated community, a paver driveway made all the difference. The homeowners of this striking high-end home entertain lots of friends, colleagues, and family.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. No personal information is stored. There are many ways to light your driveway, from bollard lights to drive over LEDs, we have a large range of lights to help you get home safely. Bollard lights are a great stylish way to light your driveway, here at first lighting we have a range of different styles of bollard lights to fit all driveways.

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Why do we have so many types of outdoor lights? We know that the outside of your property is often a bigger canvas than the inside. Indoor lighting usually has a specific purpose but outdoor lighting is not restricted to a specific room or space. Lighting the outside of your property is an opportunity to express your creativity. Outdoor lighting can be used to light up your view from the house or office to the garden, highlighting natural features, trees, shrubs and lawn. For this we suggest you check out our huge range of ground lights and low level spotlights that can illuminate key features.

A driveway can only be improved with proper lighting. All it takes are a few well-placed landscape lights to define your space. Are you ready to have extraordinary landscape lighting around your driveway? Floodlights help you and your guests navigate your driveway by keeping the path well lit, while motion detection options make them ideal for security purposes.