Horticulture award long service leave

Horticulture award long service leave

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Paying your staff correctly and giving them the right entitlements like leave and penalty rates is a critical obligation of any employer. Browse through over Modern Awards and subscribe to them so you can stay up to date with changes like minimum wage increases. To start browsing Modern Awards and subscribe for email alerts, simply join Business Australia as a free member. Already a member?

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  • How To Effectively Set Off Entitlements: IFAs, Common Law Set-Off and Annualised Wages
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A guide to the Horticulture Award 2010

Part 1—Application and Operation. Commencement and transitional. Nothing in this award requires an employer to maintain or increase any overaward payment.

Some of the transitional arrangements are in clauses in the main part of the award. There are also transitional arrangements in Schedule A. The arrangements in Schedule A deal with:. On application by or on behalf of an employee who suffers a reduction in take-home pay as a result of the making of this award or the operation of any transitional arrangements,the Fair Work Commission may make any order it considers appropriate to remedy the situation. Definitions and interpretation. This rate is to be used for the purposes of calculating various allowances that require a designated standard rate.

This subclause operates subject to the exclusions from coverage in this award. NOTE:Where there is no classification for a particular employee in this award it is possible that the employer and that employee are covered by an award with occupational coverage. Access to the award and the National Employment Standards. The employer must ensure that copies of this award and the NES are available to all employees to whom they apply either on a noticeboard which is conveniently located at or near the workplace or through electronic means,whichever makes them more accessible.

The National Employment Standards and this award. The NES and this award contain the minimum conditions of employment for employees covered by this award. Award flexibility. The terms the employer and the individual employee may agree to vary the application of are those concerning:.

An agreement under this clause can only be entered into after the individual employee has commenced employment with the employer. Note:If any of the requirements of s. An agreement entered into before that date may be terminated in accordance with clause 7. Part 2—Consultation and Dispute Resolution. Provided that where this award makes provision for alteration of any of these matters an alteration is deemed not to have significant effect.

Dispute resolution. If such discussions do not resolve the dispute,the parties will endeavour to resolve the dispute in a timely manner by discussions between the employee or employees concerned and more senior levels of management as appropriate. Subject to applicable occupational health and safety legislation,an employee must not unreasonably fail to comply with a direction by the employer to perform work,whether at the same or another workplace,that is safe and appropriate for the employee to perform.

Part 3—Types of Employment and Termination of Employment. Types of employment. At the time of engagement an employer will inform each employee of the terms of their engagement and in particular whether they are to be full-time,part-time or casual.

A full-time employee is an employee who is engaged to work an average of 38 ordinary hours per week. Termination of employment. The notice of termination required to be given by an employee is the same as that required of an employer except that there is no requirement on the employee to give additional notice based on the age of the employee concerned.

If an employee fails to give the required notice the employer may withhold from any monies due to the employee on termination under this award or the NES,an amount not exceeding the amount the employee would have been paid under this award in respect of the period of notice required by this clause less any period of notice actually given by the employee. The time off is to be taken at times that are convenient to the employee after consultation with the employer.

An employee given notice of termination in circumstances of redundancy may terminate their employment during the period of notice. The employee is entitled to receive the benefits and payments they would have received under this clause had they remained in employment until the expiry of the notice,but is not entitled to payment instead of notice. For this purpose a statutory declaration is sufficient. Part 4—Minimum Wages and Related Matters.

Employees will be classified in accordance with the classification descriptions contained in Schedule B —Classification Structure and Definitions ,of this award. Minimum wages. An employee on a piecework rate is a pieceworker. The piecework rate agreed is to be paid for all work performed in accordance with the piecework agreement. To view the current monetary amounts of work-related allowances refer to the Allowances Sheet.

Where the employer requires an employee to supply their own tools and equipment,the employer must reimburse the employee for the cost of supplying such tools and equipment. The provisions of this clause do not apply where the tools and equipment are paid for by the employer.

Where an employee is required to travel from one place to another,the time occupied in travelling will be counted as time worked and paid for as such. The provisions of this clause will not apply where the employer provides the employee with suitable accommodation free of charge. At the time of any adjustment to the standard rate ,each expense related allowance will be increased by the relevant adjustment factor.

The relevant adjustment factor for this purpose is the percentage movement in the applicable index figure most recently published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics since the allowance was last adjusted. Higher duties. An employee engaged for more than two hours during one day or shift on duties carrying a higher minimum wage than their ordinary classification must be paid the higher minimum wage for such day or shift.

If an employee is engaged for two hours or less during one day or shift on duties carrying a higher minimum wage than their ordinary classification,they must be paid the higher minimum wage for the time so worked. Payment of wages. Wages must be paid weekly or fortnightly according to the actual ordinary hours worked each week or fortnight,or according to the applicable piecework payment. On termination of employment,wages due to an employee must be paid on the day of termination or forwarded to the employee by post on the next working day.

Accident pay. In the event of more than one absence arising from one injury,such absences are to be cumulative in the assessment of the 26 week period. An employee will not be entitled to any payment under this clause in respect of any period of paid annual leave or long service leave,or for any paid public holiday. If an employee entitled to accident pay under this clause returns to work on reduced hours or modified duties,the amount of accident pay due will be reduced by any amounts paid for the performance of such work.

For a casual employee,the weekly payment referred to in clauseThe weekly payment will include casual loading but will not include over award payments. Under superannuation legislation individual employees generally have the opportunity to choose their own superannuation fund. If an employee does not choose a superannuation fund,any superannuation fund nominated in the award covering the employee applies.

An employer must make such superannuation contributions to a superannuation fund for the benefit of an employee as will avoid the employer being required to pay the superannuation guarantee charge under superannuation legislation with respect to that employee. Unless,to comply with superannuation legislation,the employer is required to make the superannuation contributions provided for in clausePart 5—Hours of Work and Related Matters. Ordinary hours of work and rostering.

Where three shifts are worked they will be divided into day,afternoon and night shifts. Provided that where there is agreement between the employer and an individual employee,the meal break may be taken at a time agreed. Such payment will continue until the employee is released for a meal break of not less than 30 minutes.

Employees will be allowed a paid rest break of 10 minutes each morning. Such time allowed off duty will be given and taken within the succeeding three weeks unless the employer and employee mutually agree that it be taken at some other time;or. If the work extends into a second or subsequent meal break,this meal allowance will again apply. Part 6—Leave and Public Holidays. Annual leave. An employer may reach agreement with the majority of employees concerned to convert the annual leave entitlement in s.

Instead of the base rate of pay as referred to in s. Despite anything else in this clause,an employee paid by electronic funds transfer EFT may be paid in accordance with their usual pay cycle while on paid annual leave. During a period of annual leave an employee must also be paid an annual leave loading equal toNote:ClausesSee Part 2. Note 1:Paid annual leave arising from a request mentioned in paragraph d may result in the direction ceasing to have effect.

See clauseNote 2:Under section 88 2 of the Fair Work Act ,the employer must not unreasonably refuse to agree to a request by the employee to take paid annual leave. Note:An example of the type of agreement required by clauseThere is no requirement to use the form of agreement set out at Schedule F. On termination of employment,an employee must be paid for leave accrued that has not been taken at the appropriate wage calculated in accordance with clauseNote 1:Under section of the Fair Work Act ,an employer must not exert undue influence or undue pressure on an employee to make,or not make,an agreement under clauseNote 2:Under section 1 of the Fair Work Act ,a person must not knowingly or recklessly make a false or misleading representation about the workplace rights of another person under clauseNote 3:An example of the type of agreement required by clauseThere is no requirement to use the form of agreement set out at 0.

Community service leave. Public holidays. Schedule A—Transitional Provisions. If the transitional amount is equal to or less than any increase in minimum wages resulting from the annual wage review the transitional amount is to be set off against the increase and the other provisions of this clause will not apply. Where there is no equivalent loading or penalty in this award,the transitional percentage is the rate in A.

Schedule B—Classification Structure and Definitions. Schedule C—Supported Wage System. The Handbook is available from the following website: www.

Assessed capacity clause C.

Alan Titchmarsh

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Awarding scholarships for floriculture and horticulture students is a primary It is an annual scholarship, although the same person may receive it a.

How To Effectively Set Off Entitlements: IFAs, Common Law Set-Off and Annualised Wages

We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Aden Hammer Modified over 6 years ago. Determine the wage rates and conditions that applied before 1 January 2. Compare these with those in the Horticulture Award 3. Additional break may be mutually agreed hour break between ending and starting a shift the next day. Martin March

Current students

The Bill imposes significant penalties, including jail time, against employers who underpay their staff. However, it is possible that it may be some time before it comes into in effect. The Act will not commence until 1 July , unless commenced earlier by proclamation. For the purposes of the Bill, employee entitlements mean any amount or any other benefit payable or attributable by an employer to, or in respect of an employee in accordance with relevant laws, contracts, or agreements.

Our JobTrainer funded courses are for school-leavers, young people and job seekers looking to develop new skills.

Variation of the Horticulture Award

Over the course of their employment, some employees can accrue excessive annual leave balances. Not taking a reasonable amount of annual leave may pose a threat to the health and safety of employees and represent a significant financial liability for employers. Following recent decisions of the Fair Work Commission, most modern awards now provide for employers to direct employees to whom the awards apply with excessive leave balances to take paid annual leave. Also, in certain circumstances, such employees can give their employer a written notice requiring paid annual leave to be granted. As a first step, if an employee has an excessive leave accrual, the employer or the employee may seek to confer with the other and genuinely try to reach agreement on how to reduce or eliminate the excessive leave accrual. If the employer has genuinely tried to reach agreement with the employee as a first step but agreement is not reached, the employer may direct the employee in writing to take one or more periods of paid annual leave.

Gardens Hours

A state-wide campaign is being undertaken by Private Sector Labour Relations Division to promote compliance with state employment laws by horticultural industry businesses in the state industrial relation system. Employers who are in the state industrial relations system are those where the businesses operate as:. For more information on who is covered by the state system visit the Guide to who is in the WA state system page. As part of the campaign, industrial inspectors from Private Sector Labour Relations will be auditing businesses to ensure that employees are receiving their correct entitlements and proper records are being kept. This page provides an overview of employment obligations for horticulture industry employers to assist all employers in the industry. Business owners in the horticulture industry who are in the state industrial relations system may be covered by a WA award which sets minimum rates of pay for relevant workers. A number of WA awards apply to this industry based on the type of crop produced and work done by the employees. Employers and employees in the horticulture industry may be covered by:.

The award will provide a total of $K over four years to enable the routine use of genomic an annual conference for high school agriscience teachers.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

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Scholarships & Awards

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Horticulture training Jobs in Thornton NSW 2322

As an employee you have certain rights under the law; you should be paid correctly, receive the correct entitlements from your employer and be treated fairly in the workplace. Unfortunately some employees can be "ripped off" by their employers. Some employees may not realise that they are receiving the incorrect pay or not receiving the benefit of all of their entitlements. This guide sets out what it means to be an employee, how to check what type of employee you are, what your minimum entitlements are and how to check if your superannuation is being paid most importantly the guide will tell you where to get help if you feel you have been wronged by your employer. If you feel like you are not being paid the correct amount, not receiving all of your entitlements or you are unsure about your rights at work, then this guide is for you. If you are, this guide might not be for you. Local Council and NSW State Government employees are not covered by the Federal system, which is what this guide gives information about.

By filling out one of the following applications, you will be considered for all scholarships listed unless otherwise noted. This process will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Applications will be reviewed in Spring for Fall Spring awards. For best consideration, apply by March 1,

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